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Happy Saturday! I’ve been invited to be a regular participant in Home Style Saturdays. So what this means for you is that every Saturday you’ll find a post here on Onerror with an image and link to each of the participants (and one from me!), which makes it a fun and inspiring round up of ideas and blogs for you to visit! YAY!

What are you up to this weekend? My son is officially a high school graduate and we have family in town, so that’s what I’m up to! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

Home Style Saturdays | Summer Decor |Restore Grout |Collections

Home Style Saturdays | Summer Decor |Restore Grout |Collections

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Home Style Saturdays | Summer Decor |Restore Grout |Collections

Our White Gate

Our White Gate

You may have noticed this in my side patio makeover post, but we are no longer gateless in Seattle :).

As was the case with many of our side patio projects, the gate creation and installation was not without many hiccups and mishaps.

It literally had taken years (yes, years) to get this side patio done and the gate installed so at some point awhile back I decided to embrace the “better done than perfect” philosophy.

As much as I love design and the process of evolving spaces, I particularly enjoy spending time in “rooms” that feel “finished.” So even though I am likely to want to continue to improve this area and all of our spaces over time (because that’s fun for me!), it’s especially nice to focus on getting each room to a point where they feel complete “enough.”

Right now we are enjoying every moment we can out here!

Our White Gate

This is the view to our side patio when you look through our little gate window! Perfect or imperfect, I’d say a “finished” space feels peaceful and WONDERFUL!

There are other projects I want to improve or need to complete in this space, so stay tuned for a post on what those elements are! But in the meantime, you’ll find me sipping lemonade out here and enjoying it as it is all summer long!

If you missed the latest updates to the side yard, you can check out the makeover here!

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