Just an idea: Pencil Urn

I just saw this and thought it was quite charming, so I am passing it along.
It is weighted so it won’t tip!


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Fun Back to School Supplies!

If you are back to school shopping and want to give your kids some cute supplies just for the fun of it, check these out! They will be the envy of all the kids in the class!

These pencils are made from recycled newspaper wrapped around #2 graphite and soaked in environmentally-friendly fragrance liquids. Called Smencils (don’t you love that name?), they not only smell great they’re also great for the planet.

And apparently they sharpen just like a regular wood pencil! Smencils are guaranteed to hold their scent for up to 2 years of normal use. Find them at !

These little guys don’t smell, but they are pretty darn cute. They are staple-free staplers!

Fun Back to School Supplies!

And look at this adorable tape dispenser!

Or how about these animal-shaped rubber bands? There is no end to the fun!

Fun Back to School Supplies!

Get all of these fun things for back to school at