Creative Projects: Holiday Decorating

Creative Projects: Holiday Decorating

As you all may know by now, I am a big fan of using what you have to decorate your home. In fact, a big part of my interior design business (in the real world) is helping people to take the nice things they already own and arranging it in a way that is pleasing and beautiful. I am passionate about creating beautiful homes for living, not about spending money or having expensive designer stuff. Everyone has their own niche and style, and this has always been where my heart is.

I enjoy looking for beauty and creating it in unexpected ways. I’ll admit it isn’t always easy to do (sometimes spending oodles of money would solve lots of problems!), but there is fun in the challenge of discovering new ways to use what you already have, or adding just a few inexpensive things to make something extraordinary. With some ingenuity, inspiration and creativity, you can make something magical.

I think the same thing translates to our holiday decorating. Using things you already have, like plants, bottles, cookie cutters, fruits and vegetables, mirrors, jewelry, garden pots and decor — you name it, if it is beautiful in some way it can be used in holiday decorating. I especially like shells and organic things for decorating — God already created beautiful things that really are more stunning than anything I’ve ever tried to create on my own. In the photo above I used those same sea urchins you saw in my star dish in a previous post. This time they are sitting in a bubble glass dish, on top of epsom salts. Simple, but I think it is so beautiful!

Creative Projects: Holiday Decorating

Also notice the simplicity of cookie cutters hanging on pale blue ribbon. While I am generally not a big fan of staging decor or vignettes (that is just me, I am more intrigued with having things you really use, not just use to create a vignette), I think during the holidays you can and should add more drama and festivity in your decor. I like the cookie cutters because while they are really simple, they conjure up thoughts of holiday baking, and might just inspire it!

Creative Projects: Holiday Decorating

Sweet Escape, An Adventure!

Do you ever just imagine what it would be like to go on an adventure? I mean, a real adventure? Not just hiking in the mountains on a Saturday, but somewhere completely out of the ordinary? Strangely beautiful and romantic, but not at all like where you live? Do you ever think (even for a moment) about just leaving the dirty dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer, and heading off somewhere completely new? Sometimes I daydream about my escape from reality, not seriously (don’t worry, honey !), but just for fun. For an escape!

It is funny because oftentimes when I go on vacation, I want to stay in a place that feels like home, only nicer. I like to stay in really nice homey places, otherwise I am not comfortable. I am just not a Motel 6 kind of girl. I can even handle quirky, charming, or quaint, it doesn’t have to be the lap of luxury. It just can’t be an ordinary run of the mill motel. I really have to have some sort of ambience and cozy atmosphere. And I like to be near charming towns with quaint shops.

I have stayed in some wonderful places, and in the future Sweet Escapes I will show you some of my favorites. But today, we are going for EXTRAORDINARY. I found this place that just took my breath away. It didn’t at all look like home, and I don’t know how much I would enjoy staying in cave-like rooms, but you’ll have to admit this is one unique place. Behold the Anatolian Houses in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey.

So what do you say? Shall we break out of our little homebody cozy world we are creating for ourselves and visit a magical fairytale? Not a castle like I would normally favor, but strange cave-like dwellings. I won’t go into the whole history of this place, you can visit the to learn more. But just look at these photos! Can you imagine us walking around there? Talking about ancient artifacts and rock formations instead of scents and holiday decorating? Swimming in a cave?

Next post, we are back to reality. And I will start showing you holiday photos! Glad you are all anxiously awaiting them because I took 100 photos! Every possible angle. See you next time! (am I really the only one who imagines other worldly adventures like this?)