Seaside style for any home

On these hot August days, nothing sounds as wonderful as being able to spend time in a seaside cottage taking in the cool ocean breezes. While not everyone has a beach cottage, practically any style of home can infuse a little “Seaside Style” into its decor. By adding a few accessories here and there, your house can enjoy a little beach freshness too!

Something about the sea inspires me — it reminds me of adventure, travel, relaxation, and lazy days all rolled into one. At my own house, I infuse the sea into my style through the use of ships, maps, sisal rugs on dark stained wood floors, antique white plantation shutters, and creamy white serving dishes surrounded by seashells.

Our house is well suited to the British Colonial style. The way I interpret that style gives my house a sense of world travel & adventure, antiques from all over the world and a certain feeling of being on the islands. It is eclectic, brought together over time and has a real sense of history (our history and that of our family’s) because everything in our home has a story of how it came to us or what it represents.

Here are a couple of photos from my house, showing the plantation shutters in my son’s room and one of our ships and small globes from the desk in our living room:


Seaside style for any home

Seaside style for any home

Here are some lovely photos showing ways you can add inspiration from the sea to any kind of house:

In this French style room they have used some well placed starfish, which tone down the formality of all the fancier gilding. By repeating the starfish across the mantle you have more impact. This photo is from .

And if you have an Old World style, eclectic or English style home, adding a few tasteful nautical or island items gives you that “world traveler living by the sea look” like the British Colonial style. Photo from .

I always love stripes for a little casual seaside or island flair. Striped rugs are a personal favorite way to add a little summer by the sea fun to your room, this one from , but I usually find them in affordable places like or :

If you have a more cottage style house, I found this super cute frame at one of my favorite shabby chic stores . It is a bit spendy, but it would be fairly easy to duplicate the feeling on accessories you already have. Adding some subtle stripes to a bulletin board, mirror, frame or piece of furniture would be fairly easy to do and add that little touch of casual flair you get from a beach cottage. And of course, nothing say beach cottage like beadboard on walls or ceilings!

Whatever style house you have, I think a little sea-side inspiration can add just the perfect touch of summer adventure.

Have a great day!



Well, upon reflecting on my Monday, the day of chaos, I had a tender moment this morning with my son. Just sitting by him as he was waking up. Looking at his long eyelashes slowly fluttering awake, his rosebud lips, his fair skin and curly mop on top of his head. His little hand slowly reaching over to take mine. Angelic. While his waking hours range from absolute joy & delight to CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! moments, somehow when he sleeps he is always pure sweetness.

Those are the times that I find it easier to remind myself how fleeting the days are. You’d think that having a 19-year-old and a 16-year-old would be enough to remind me how fast they grow. And I do think of that often. I treasure my time as a mom. But when you’ve been a mom forever and have forever to go, sometimes you grow weary. Especially when things pile up and go wrong.

But one look at that angelic sweet sleeping son and you wonder what all the fuss was about on Monday! Missing shoe? So what! I am much better today and ready to face the day’s challenges! I saw this sweet photo on . Made me teary just remembering all the little things I miss from when he was a baby. This is a lovely way to showcase some of those memories. Sure, there were sleepless nights, barf on my shoulder and endless dirty diapers. But, oh the sweetness of his little face. His bright eyes. The wonder of each first. Thinking back made me want to linger today and not rush to tomorrow.

Today, I have a seven-year-old son. We talk about soccer championships, trophies, bugs, bodily functions and superheroes. He is loud and fun and dramatic. And later today I will go in his room, sort through his things in preparation for a new school year, and undoubtedly give away countless pairs of too small shoes and jeans. Things I could swear just fit him yesterday. Today I am treasuring him being seven.