Having an old, 1930s, fixer-upper can be kind of overwhelming sometimes. Especially to someone who loves the ambience of a completed room. Even so, my husband and I torture ourselves every Friday with the same laughable question. What shall we do this weekend? Sure, at first we might dream a bit. How about sleeping in? Maybe we could go play at the beach? Or we could go to the movies! How about hiking on the river? Then one of us, usually me, jolts us back to reality. Don’t be silly. We have a house! We aren’t jetting off on a weekend vacation! Now, of course, it isn’t all work and no play. We have kids, so of course every waking moment and dollar cannot be spent on the house. We just have to set the pace. Which for us can be summed up in one word: snail.

Moving at a snail’s pace is against my nature. But really, snails are on to something. They move slowly enough to see the beauty along the way. They aren’t complaining about what they don’t have, or what needs to get done or how much they can cram into one weekend. They don’t get overwhelmed with life. They are just inching along, but somehow, eventually they get where they want to be.

Sometimes I find I am so busy trying to keep up with life that I forget to enjoy the beauty that is right in front of me! All I can see is the mess, the to do list, the schedule, the goal. Does that ever happen to you? You are thinking “I will really be happy when…” and then when you finally arrive at the “when” you have already replaced it with a new goal or restriction on when you can slow down and enjoy life? Even though I love to putter, and that is not exactly moving at a breakneck pace, I am still feeling the sense of accomplishment because I am usually DOING something. And DOING is not the same as BEING.

So, instead of filling your head with ideas of weekend projects, things you could do or buy, or ways to create a more lovely existence, today my friends I leave you with the challenge I am giving myself.

Live the lovely existence you already have around you. Instead of always DOING something, try BEING.

Don’t CREATE if it is at the sacrifice of actually experiencing it.

Live in the moment this weekend. Even if it is just a few moments, SAVOR them!

Consciously take time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of what you have and what is around you.

Sit in your most beautiful chair and just be happy. Read a book in your favorite room. Savor a delicious cup of coffee with a friend. Use your favorite china. Roast marshmallows. Play a board game. Snuggle up to your favorite person. Take a walk and marvel at the beauty and peacefulness of nature.

Laugh. Smile. Love. Savor. Treasure. Be.

That is my goal for at least a small part of this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.


The Sweetest Things

So for the past week, I have been laying awake each night unable to fully sleep because my son has a cough. After a few days of interrupted sleep, I was starting to feel a bit in over my head with life. Little things were falling through the cracks. Like laundry and dust bunnies. Oh, and I forgot to feed my son last night. Silly me.

When things like that start to happen usually my dear hubby swings into action. And last night was no exception. Bless his heart, he was running around sweeping and grabbing the miscellaneous clothing that was hanging off every bathtub and doorknob and bedpost. But the BEST part was he said, “Luke and I are sleeping in the car tonight!” Yep, they were going car camping in our driveway. All so mommy could sleep through the night. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

When my son was just a few weeks old I encountered similar treatment. When I was sleep-deprived and almost delirious, my sweet hubby would take a couple of ice cube trays filled with pumped milk, stick it in the freezer, and head out to the living room to sleep on the floor with our precious son. Back then, sleeping four hours in a row was pure heaven. And I was treated to that luxury now and then. Or maybe it wasn’t so much a luxury as it was for everyone’s safety. Sleep deprived delirious moms can get a little crazy.

So as long as we are talking about the sweetest things, here is a little peek at a couple of ways we use things in our house to be gentle reminders of love and warm feelings.

We keep the fires burning. My sweet hubby gave me this giant teacup as a gift one time. To put it to good use every day, we have a candle in it. A burning candle in a lovely gift like this always reminds me that I am loved.

The Sweetest Things

Also in our entry we have a beautiful Tiffany lamp. A gift we splurged on from one of our favorite stores . We can’t afford anything in that store, but once in a blue moon we throw caution to the wind on an anniversary and buy something like a special light fixture. Having this lamp all lit up with its colors glowing tells my hubby I love him when he comes in the door after work.

The Sweetest Things

Also in this picture you can see a stack of books. These are some of my husband’s favorites. The red Lord of the Rings book in the stack was a collector’s edition book I gave him on our first Valentine’s Day together, so it holds special meaning.

This next photo is of a simple collage we made of very special place my husband and I have been many times. in Newport, Oregon. It is a quirky old hotel for book lovers. No modern amenities, no phones or TVs, but a place where you can truly escape to listen to the ocean, read a book, or just spend time with someone you love. It really embodies what our home is to us today. With the exception of the lack of modern amenities. We try to create an escape in our own home and I think we were truly inspired by this quirky hotel.

We created this collage on the cheap–just three line drawing postcards we had bought from the hotel (showing rooms we have stayed in) and taped them onto black paper and put in a frame I spray painted black.


The Sweetest Things

Also, you can barely see our bed peeking out from the bottom of this picture. That was another anniversary splurge from Rejuvenation.

I could go on all day with little stories of this and that. But I think this is more than enough for one post. Now you’ve had a little glimpse into the quirky, romantic, inspired life we try to create for ourselves. And to us, it is one of life’s sweetest things.