Well, upon reflecting on my Monday, the day of chaos, I had a tender moment this morning with my son. Just sitting by him as he was waking up. Looking at his long eyelashes slowly fluttering awake, his rosebud lips, his fair skin and curly mop on top of his head. His little hand slowly reaching over to take mine. Angelic. While his waking hours range from absolute joy & delight to CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! moments, somehow when he sleeps he is always pure sweetness.

Those are the times that I find it easier to remind myself how fleeting the days are. You’d think that having a 19-year-old and a 16-year-old would be enough to remind me how fast they grow. And I do think of that often. I treasure my time as a mom. But when you’ve been a mom forever and have forever to go, sometimes you grow weary. Especially when things pile up and go wrong.

But one look at that angelic sweet sleeping son and you wonder what all the fuss was about on Monday! Missing shoe? So what! I am much better today and ready to face the day’s challenges! I saw this sweet photo on . Made me teary just remembering all the little things I miss from when he was a baby. This is a lovely way to showcase some of those memories. Sure, there were sleepless nights, barf on my shoulder and endless dirty diapers. But, oh the sweetness of his little face. His bright eyes. The wonder of each first. Thinking back made me want to linger today and not rush to tomorrow.

Today, I have a seven-year-old son. We talk about soccer championships, trophies, bugs, bodily functions and superheroes. He is loud and fun and dramatic. And later today I will go in his room, sort through his things in preparation for a new school year, and undoubtedly give away countless pairs of too small shoes and jeans. Things I could swear just fit him yesterday. Today I am treasuring him being seven.

Just an idea: Pencil Urn

I just saw this and thought it was quite charming, so I am passing it along.
It is weighted so it won’t tip!


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