How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

Hi, friend!

I‘m a plant-lady! Ha, I never would have thought it was possible that something like essential oils could change our life so dramatically, but it’s true. Essential oils have been game changers in our home and my own life for a million reasons. I love a cozy clean home, but the products I used to use to make my home smell good and clean were filled with hidden toxins and junk that were damaging my health.

***You can read my health story here.***

My family and I have experienced SUCH a difference in our home, quality of life, emotional/hormonal well-being, sleep and overall wellness since we began incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into our daily routines.

Young Living Essential Oils support healthy body systems so they can function as they should. They aren’t medicine, they aren’t synthetic scents or perfumes (don’t be fooled by grocery store “oils” that can be filled with toxic chemicals). Young Living essential oils are extracted from real plants grown in organic soil though the most pure process and quality control of any essential oils on the market.

The starter kit is the best place to start this journey and the most affordable way to clean your home, too.

With the kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started on making the changes needed for a cleaner home.

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

You get 12 everyday essential oils, a beautiful diffuser of your choice, a packet of Thieves cleaner concentrate (it will make you two full 16 oz bottles of my favorite totally natural cleaner!), a wholesale Young Living membership (24% off anything you ever want, no order requirements or fees) and more. Each country may vary a little bit in what is offered.

It’s easy to get your kit!  The step-by-step order instructions are below!


Grab your starter kit with me during the month of April AND sign up for Essential Rewards (see details below), and I will send you a $25 Young Living account credit! Just email me at [email protected] and put $25 account credit” in the subject line to receive this offer. *offer cannot be combined with other offers*

You CAN reactivate your inactive membership or switch from retail to wholesale. Feel free to message me! My member number is 3731456 and my wholesale members can access our groups and resources. For questions on reactivating, switching to wholesale or regarding questions on an existing account, give Young Living a call.

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers
How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers


Grab your starter kit with me during the month of April AND sign up for Essential Rewards (see details below), and I will send you a $25 Young Living account credit! Just email me at [email protected] and put $25 account credit” in the subject line to receive this offer. *offer cannot be combined with other offers*


To grab your kit, follow the step by step instructions below. You will start with this link  and then select MEMBER.

*Make sure the number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields (autopopulated or you can fill them in). You’ll see THE INSPIRED ROOM, LLC confirmed as your sponsor and enroller. That way you’ll become a part of my private wellness community called The Dwell Well Collective, too!

NOTE: A “member” is just like signing up to order from Amazon or Costco except it is FREE!!! There’s never any fee to be a wholesale member.

You NOT need to do this as a business or earn commissions (referral bonuses and commissions are a perk available ALL Young Living members who chose to refer people, but it is NEVER required).

Becoming a member is simply a way to have access to shop at Young Living with the best prices and benefits! There are no strings attached, never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no obligations, and no selling.

You can change your country with the toggle bar if you are not in the U.S. Each country might vary in what they offer.


Once you have clicked and chosen MEMBER, check the box with the premium kit you want. The 12 oils are the same in each essential oils kit, each comes with a diffuser of your choice. (you also have the option of a Thieves kit or a NingXia kit if you prefer).

All the diffusers are great, so you can’t go wrong! The Desert Mist is beautiful with a candle flicker setting, so cozy! The Dewdrop is simple to use and easy to travel with. In the US and some other markets, you’ll have the option of the Rainstone which is made from a gorgeous rare clay and is a negative ionizer (SO good for sleep and health) and has a remote. The Aria is beautiful wood and glass, has a remote and even plays music. Fancy! :)


If you want to sign up for Essential Rewards, you’ll see a box to check with an Essential Rewards option that will say:

Would you like to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products?

If you check yes, you will have the option to to use your Premium Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order (in the US you will receive a bonus freebie oil just for doing this and you will start earning POINTS BACK on this order!).

What is the Essential Rewards option?

Essential Rewards is an optional monthly wellness subscription box! Each month, you customize a box of wellness goodies according to what YOU want. I LOVE to receive my ER every month because it’s how I replaced our previous toxic household products with wonderful quality plant-based options.

I have ordered an Essential Rewards wellness box for the past three years. I use it to order our regular household needs like soaps and detergents, skin care and body, personal care items like toothpaste, supplements, makeup, baby and pet care, etc. They are AMAZING products and Essential Rewards is the best way to order monthly.

The contents of your Essential Rewards box is ALWAYS your choice. There is just a 50 PV (about $50) minimum monthly order and it’s super easy to cancel later if you decide to.

Note: if you don’t want to join Essential Rewards yet, no problem! Simply check ‘no’ and continue enrollment.


If you checked YES to enroll in Essential Rewards, Step 3 is where you will choose what’s in your first Essential Rewards box! If you checked YES for your Premium Starter Kit to be your first Essential Rewards box, this step is where you’ll choose what to receive in the following month’s box.

It’s fun to decide what to put in your ER order each month! You can either choose an Essential Rewards Kit OR “customize your kit” to choose individual items you want. Choose your items, click “add product” and scroll down to click “save monthly order”. Remember, you will get to change this order each month, and you can change your order up to 11:59PM on the day that it processes!


If you want to add any additional products to your first order with your starter kit, you’ll see an option under “Continue Enrollment” to “add more products”.

You may qualify for freebies from Young Living depending on how much you order. YL will likely alert you to any freebies you are close to qualifying for. Your Starter kit counts at 100PV and gets you a free oil, and then there are more freebies at the 190PV level, the 300PV level and the 400PV level, too!


When you are ready, just click checkout, then fill in your membership information to complete your order.

Note: Under “Commission Processing Information”, you can choose “Individual” to sign up with no social security number, but it’s totally secure to add it in. If you add your SSN, it simply allows you to receive bonuses in case you have friends who sign up with your referral link. There is NO selling or business required.

Complete your order, then save your login and PIN information in a safe place for future orders or accessing account info.

You’re all set!!! Best decision EVER!

Watch for your welcome letter from me and The Dwell Well Collective with the next steps and invite to our fun Tribe!

If you’re not yet following Pure & Lovely on  or , follow us there for lots of oils and wellness inspiration! You can also follow  on Instagram for inspiration from our members.

QUESTIONS? Find my Young Living FAQ here!

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

This Desert Mist diffuser can flicker like a candle! 

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

This is the Aria Diffuser! It’s wood and glass and plays music…fancy!

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

This white diffuser is called the Lantern Diffuser.
It does not come in a starter kit, but can be ordered on Essential Rewards, in addition to any starter kit. 

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

You can read my personal health journey here.

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

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DISCLAIMER: The suggestions I offer are specific to the benefits I’ve found through Young Living essential oils. My statements about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury or on prescription drugs should consult with their physician.