How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

Hi, friend!

I‘m a plant-lady! Ha, I never would have thought it was possible that something like essential oils could change our life so dramatically, but it’s true. Essential oils have been game changers in our home and my own life for a million reasons. I love a cozy clean home, but the products I used to use to make my home smell good and clean were filled with hidden toxins and junk that were damaging my health.

***You can read my newly updated health story here.***

My family and I have experienced SUCH a difference in our home, quality of life, emotional/hormonal well-being, sleep and overall wellness since we began incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into our daily routines.

Plus, these little bottles of plant juice make our home feel soooo cozy! You guys….trust me, they are amazing and you’ll love them.

Plants are incredible at healing themselves and they provide so many benefits to humans, too. I’ll share a graphic below with just a few ways you can use the starter kit oils, and I also help members with recipes and ideas their oils to make their homes so fresh, clean and cozy, too (see starter kit recipes below)! I LOVE diffusing oils in my home as a part of my day. 

Young Living Essential Oils support body systems so they can function as they should. They aren’t medicine, they aren’t synthetic scents, these essential oils are extracted from real plants. The best thing ever!

The starter kit is the best place to start this journey and the most affordable, too.

It’s easy, the link and step-by-step order instructions are below!

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

1. Grab your Premium Starter Kit* 

Select your country (kits may vary in some countries, feel free to message me if you have questions!). You’ll get 11 essential oils, a beautiful diffuser of your choice, a packet of Thieves non-toxic cleaner concentrate (it will make you two 16 oz bottles of my favorite cleaner!), a wholesale Young Living membership (24% off!) and more! It’s truly the best way to get started. Each country may vary a little bit in what is offered.

*Make sure the number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields so you’ll be a part of my community called The Dwell Well Collective. I created  and The Dwell Well Collective (our essential oil group!) with a mission to link arms with fellow home-lovers on the journey to create toxin-free homes and lifestyles. You’re invited to join our Tribe when you get your starter kit!

NOTE: This is NOT a subscription program, it’s a one time order. NO other orders are required or connected to this one-time purchase. 

2. Select member (not retail). A “member” is just like signing up to order from Amazon or Costco. It’s simply a way to get the best prices and benefits! There are no strings attached, never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no further obligation, and no selling!

3.  Choose your diffuser (the oils are the same in each kit, scroll below to see a graphic with the diffuser choices!).

All of Young Living’s diffusers are high quality, so you can’t go wrong! The brand new Desert Mist is a beautiful option with a candle flicker setting, so cozy! The Dewdrop is another great one to start with–simple to use and easy to travel with. In the US and some other markets, you’ll have the option of the Rainstone is made from a gorgeous rare clay and is a negative ionizer (SO good for sleep and health) and has a remote. The Aria is beautiful wood and glass, has a remote and even plays music! Fancy! :)

How to Order Essential Oils & DiffusersThis Desert Mist diffuser flickers like a candle! 

4. Set up Your Essential Rewards. Essential Rewards is an OPTIONAL monthly wellness box, but it really empowers you for a lifestyle of wellness. This is totally customizable monthly subscription program, like a wellness box!  I love it. It gives you points back on your orders, free oils and more. You can also get free shipping on orders with YL Go, which is an optional program set up much like Amazon prime.

You get to choose the products each month (you can change them out each time, and you can even include household necessities, cleaning products, cosmetics and supplements so you can easily ditch all the toxic stuff!).

You can join ER when you get your kit (which I recommend, or down the road if you’d prefer, and you can cancel anytime. I’ve found that most people who are serious about creating a non-toxic home and lifestyle choose to be on Essential Rewards. It really makes most sense!

Note, if you are in Canada you can order your kit as your first Essential Rewards order with option 2,

Here are just a few of my favorite products you could add through your first Essential Rewards order, or get the next time!

I highly recommend the Thieves Essential Rewards kit! It gives you a variety of SO MANY amazing Thieves products.

Also consider Cedarwood essential oil (amazing for sleep)
Christmas Spirit (hello fall and winter diffuser oil!)
Peace & Calming essential oil (need I say more?)
Orange essential oil (great with other oils in your diffuser!)
NingXia Red antioxidant drink (you only drink an ounce or two a day but it’s incredible!)
Thieves Lozenges (a must, I call them my magic wellness drops)
Lavender lotion, Coconut Lime Body Butter (you’ll want to sniff it all day) Orange Blossom facial cleanser (divine and no toxic junk!), or lavender lip balm (the best lip balm I’ve ever found).

5. Complete the sign up information. You can elect to sign up with no social security number, but it’s totally secure to add it in. This simply allows you to receive bonuses in case you have friends who sign up with your member number. NO selling or business required.

6. Save your login and PIN information in a safe place for future orders or accessing account info.

You’re all set!!! Best decision EVER! Watch your email for your welcome letter from me and The Dwell Well Collective with the next steps and invite to our fun Tribe!

If you’re not yet following Pure & Lovely on  or , follow me there for lots of oils and wellness inspiration! You can also follow our essential oil group at


How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

This is the Aria Diffuser! It’s all wood and glass and plays music, fancy!

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers


How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

Why Young Living?

There are lots of essential oils out there, many that use fillers and fragrances that are NOT good. You can’t just grab any bottle labeled “essential oils” off the shelf or from another source and expect the same results as you will get with Young Living. I truly believe that Young Living has the absolute best essential oils out there. Quality and integrity matter!

Here are just a few reasons why our family chose Young Living:

+Young Living has over 24 years of experience in the industry

+They own their own farms that you can actually visit and see their process first hand

+They are beyond organic (so important!), the soil from plant has been organic for over 50 years!

+Their rigorous testing for purity and therapeutic viability is unparalleled (they offer a Seed to Seal promise of integrity).

+They have the largest selection of single oils and blends available

Questions? Email me at pureandlovelyco {at} gmail {dot} com !

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

Here are just two of the many benefits you will experience as a member:

  • With the kit, you get everything you need to really understand the full benefits of essential oils in your home. Plus you’ll continue to receive wholesale prices (24% off retail prices) on ANY products you want all year long, any time. Young Living offers personal care, home cleaning and wellness products, makeup, a natural baby line, and so much more!
  • You’ll get a welcome newsletter and be invited to join a fun private Facebook group exclusively for our members, Dwell Well Collective. It’s a great place to ask questions! We love to send our members snail mail goodies, host giveaways and classes and do everything we can to ensure you get the answers and support you need on this wellness journey.You can this diffuser recipe when your kit arrives!

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

Get a referral link!!

Who likes referral links? :) We all do! While there is never any obligation or pressure to create a business, Young Living does provide members with an amazing referral code you can use as an affiliate to earn bonuses! You can use your link to easily help your friends get their kits and invite them into our group, it’s really that simple. 

And if you want to pursue it more, build an absolutely incredible business.

Every day we see members of our team are literally getting out of debt, sending their kids to summer camps, going on vacation, remodeling their home, quitting their full-time jobs, retiring their husbands, all thanks to a love of essential oils.

I love leading a team of women in their journey and I would be thrilled to have you a part of it! We have a beautiful free training program called The Diamond Academy that you’ll be invited to join.

If you’d like to hear more about this team, you can read more or feel free to email me at pureandlovelyco {at} gmail {dot} com.

How to Order Essential Oils & Diffusers

You can read my personal story and about my health journey here.

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions I offer are specific to the benefits I’ve found through Young Living essential oils. My statements about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury or on prescription drugs should consult with their physician.