Embrace Your Style + Make It Cozy

Embrace Your Style + Make It Cozy
Sarah Richardson Design | Stacey Brandford Photography

I was thinking this weekend about all the ways we can make a home feel cozier and welcoming for fall.

Your home doesn’t have to be decorated with traditional “fall colors” or neutrals, you don’t have to have plaid fabrics. You don’t have to have to go all out with corn husks, hay bales, pumpkins or leaves strewn around the house if that isn’t your thing!

Your home doesn’t even have to be what others might consider a “cozy house” to feel cozy to you.

What matters is that you have created a home YOU really love. Then make it more welcoming to you and your family for the upcoming season.

Does it serve your needs?
Does it make you feel comfortable and cozy?
Does it bring you happiness?

Does it make you feel peaceful and ready for the season?

That’s what this ‘fall nesting’ stuff is all about. It’s often the subtle changes that signal to our minds that our home is ready to welcome fall. Transitioning our home from summer to fall can be as simple as setting our favorite rain boots by the door, or maybe putting a light jacket or sweater on the bench so we’ll be ready to walk the dog on a chilly evening.

Whether we’re corralling the kids’ fall sporting equipment in a cute container or tossing their outdoor shoes in a basket, it’s the little things we do that will make our home feel inviting, inspiring and more peaceful to our family.

I love this mudroom by Sarah Richardson! It has a bold blue color palette, but with relatively few changes or simple additions, it’s a room that can flow beautifully through every season to serve and inspire the family who lives there.

Sarah Richardson is a master at beautifully designed rooms that feel fresh and unique, and not over-or underwhelming.

PS. I will write a post soon on where I am finding the inspiration for my own home as it’s one of my FAQ here on the blog!

Embrace Your Style + Make It Cozy
Embrace Your Style + Make It Cozy

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Fall Decor Inspiration: Home Style Saturdays

Home Style Saturdays

Home Style Saturdays

Alright y’all, let’s chat! I want to know…..who has decorated something for fall already? Do you have pumpkins out yet? A fall wreath? Plaid tablecloths? Cozy pillow covers?

This weekend I think I’ll do a little more Fall Nesting. I’m getting excited to work on my porch because the brand new doormat I ordered last month was shipped and should be arriving soon (I decided on this Homebody Doormat from my doormat roundup here).

And, I even saw pumpkins at my Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods a few days ago! I may get inspired this weeked to grab a few this weekend. Maybe. I usually wait until October for pumpkins, but it’s been gray and stormy here in between sun breaks (September is usually so gorgeous in the NW!) so I’m feeling more ready than expected. How about you?

I hope you enjoy all the lovely the inspiration in this week’s Home Style Saturdays!

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