To do, or not to do…

To do, or not to do...

When we moved into this house, I started gathering all kinds of ideas for what I wanted to do to update this room.

I dreamed up everything from adding a window seat, to bookcases, to built ins, to some trim work, to refinishing floors, to a new fireplace surround and a fireplace insert for cozier fall days.

So many ideas!

So little time and budget.

While we’ve been able to work on quite a few other projects around our house (if you are new and want to catch up you can find many of them here!), this room has evolved in less dramatic ways than I envisioned.

But for this past season of our life, simple changes have been more than enough.

Instead of redoing the fireplace, we just painted it. Twice. :)

To do, or not to do...

Rather than a built-in window seat, we bought a rattan daybed that we ended up loving (and the dogs love it, too!).

While we still haven’t installed one bit of trim in here, we refreshed the room with paint and installed window shades.

To do, or not to do...

Of course, every so often (or every season!) we rearrange the space with rugs, furniture, art, lamps…we’re still experimenting and figuring out what makes us feel our best in here.

(If you missed my recent post, I shared how we’ve been liking our new white sofa here!)

To do, or not to do...

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I haven’t stopped dreaming up ideas for this room though. That’s what I do. But I’ve also grown to be quite content with it as it is. It’s comfortable. Inviting. Relaxing and cozy.

What more do I really need?

There’s something to be said about embracing simplicity, you know? Letting yourself just be content with what is. Feeling happy with what you already have, rather than always feeling the need to have new, or more…or different…or extra.

To do, or not to do...

My goal is that when I do decide to make a more significant change, it is a more thoughtful one. I want my home to speak to my heart. I don’t want to make changes on a whim just to reflect the most current design trends. I want to make changes that bring joy, make sense, are meaningful or serve our needs well.

To do, or not to do...

One of the questions I’m still pondering is whether or not I want to make a design change to my fireplace! Part of me still wants to redesign this whole wall. Part of me has grown to be comfortable with it as it is.

What are your thoughts, friends? If this was your home, would you change this wall? What ideas would you have for updating this fireplace? What inspiration photos would inspire you? Or would you just leave it as is?

Do you ever wrestle with the process of making design changes or decisions in your home?

To do, or not to do...
To do, or not to do...

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To do, or not to do...

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa – FAQ

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

I‘ve had my for about eight months now. You might recall that I had a similar sofa with the same fabric slipcover years ago, so I was confident when purchasing this one that I would love it. And I do! Ours is called the York, you can find the model and sale code .

Since I get a lot of questions about it, I thought it was high time I do a little update to answer some FAQ!

What are the benefits of a bench seat?

I personally love the bench style seat. It makes it extra comfortable as an extra bed or nap spot! And if you have a lot of people needing to squish onto the sofa at one time, no one has to sit on (or avoid falling in) the crack.

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

Is the deep seat comfortable?

Our family is on the “smaller side” but we all find it very comfy. You will likely want to put some pillows behind your back unless you are super long-legged! But that’s one of the things I love about the sofa. It’s the kind of sofa you want to curl up on, so I think the depth makes it all the more cozy and inviting.

How do you like the denim slipcover?

The main reason I chose this fabric was due to the quality and ease of maintenance. Ours is the Warm White Denim and the color is lovely–a soft white (not cream!). Our last white sofa had this same slipcover so I was confident in this decision before I even got it! It is still so soft, durable and machine washable.

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

/ / /

How do you keep it clean?

Just as I remember, it has been very easy to keep clean in between washings. But I actually have not yet washed our new slipcovers in the machine. So far I’ve just spot cleaned as needed, for in-between washings I use Thieves Household Cleaner. You can get it as a Young Living member, one of many reasons I highly recommend the membership. It cleans just about everything!

Unlike my experience with IKEA slipcovers, this denim fabric is so much softer to the touch, and it doesn’t attract as much hair or fuzz. I remember loving that the denim didn’t get as wrinkled after I would wash it, either! I will just take the covers out of the dryer and put them back on before they are completely dry.

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

How does it hold up to your dogs?

It’s a white sofa, so it doesn’t hide everything. But that’s one of the things I love about it. I like my sofa to be clean, so trying to hid dirt or gross messes isn’t really my intention. I’d rather just do the spot cleaning when I see a need.

If you have a dark haired dog you might prefer a darker couch, but our dogs don’t shed so that really isn’t an issue for us. The machine washable slipcovers do make it easier to keep feeling fresh, though. No white fabric is ever “no maintenance” so that’s something to keep in mind.

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

When my dogs were puppies I gave up and got (above)–which like my white one, is also 25% off!

I’ve tried to uphold a no dog on the white sofa rule in this house, but Jack chooses to defy my rules. He still leaps up here on occasion, tosses the throw pillows on the flow and tries to dig the fluff out of the seat. But so far, I’m happy to report there has been no lasting damage!

(Read more about how we keep our house clean with dogs here).

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa - FAQ

All things considered, I still find it quite easy to keep this sofa clean and I’m still very happy with it!

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