Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsSouthern Living Idea House

Happy Monday! I saw quite a few sweet comments and questions last week about the curtain hung in a doorway in my entry. So, I thought I might as well answer the questions and do a post for inspiration, too!

I had forgotten that I hadn’t mentioned this curtain before, but I actually hung it over the holidays! The curtain idea was one I had been considering for a long time, but I just wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. When I found that cute gray striped curtain panel with the pompoms at Target, I thought I might as well give it a try!

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

My pom pom curtains and two similar pom pom curtains: one and two

Runners / Lights – Barn Light Electric (specific details in this post)

The panel is hung from a simple white pressure rod (like these), so it’s super easy to remove if we decide we don’t want it down the road. I just tied the curtain back with a string and cup hook, fancy!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea or work in every house, but I love it and it’s not permanent, so why not?

We’ve considered so many options for that doorway, including walling the opening off entirely (and creating a new bedroom / bathroom entrance), putting in a new door there, or some combination of a building a new bathroom and door area.

All of our master/bathroom ideas are still on the table (and I’ll share new ideas soon). Since we still haven’t decided what or when (or if) we’re going to make a bigger change, the curtain was a simple solution for now.

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

The curtain actually solved a few issues, it was easy to do and the budget was right! It made our hall much cozier and quieter and brought a little personality to the space. The curtain creates the visual entrance to the “master suite” and it offers a bit more privacy when we have guests.

Often I feel like we make decorating and design problem solving far too complicated and overly expensive. Even if there is a “better” or more perfect way to do something, I really love it when a simpler solution is used.

We’ve hung curtains in doorways in some of our old houses, too. I think they really can help to define or separate spaces, make a charming design statement as well as help to cozy up a drafty doorway.

As long as we’re talking about this subject, I thought you might enjoy some other inspiration photos for curtains in doorways.


Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsThe Wall Street Journal

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsAtlanta Homes Mag

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsBHG

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealmentsoriginal source unknown

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsLonny

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments
Photo by Penguin Random House, LLC – Browse hallway photos

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

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Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a RoomThis post is in partnership with World Market

Hello, lovely friends! I’m so glad you’re here. It’s been one of those weeks around here. The worst of it was that my camera died! ACK! It’s been with me through all of my book photos and now, it’s dead as a doornail (what in the world is a dead doornail, anyway?).

Who is in the mood to refresh a room? I think one of the simplest but most impactful updates anyone can make in a space has to be a RUG! Am I right? I mean, there are lots of things you can do to update a room, but a rug can make a significant difference simply by rolling it out on the floor. Easy enough, right?

This week there is a fabulous rug sale going on at World Market so I picked up two new runners for our entry. YAY! Jack approves, he’s all about the cozy factor.

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Depending what style you choose, a rug can totally change the entire mood of a room, or change up the color scheme, up the cozy factor or even just add new design interest or texture to the space. A rug can even change the feel of your existing floors, giving you a new look for way less than the cost of new flooring. You can layer rugs or use them on carpet, so the options for transformation are truly endless. I love adding a new throw rug by the door to usher in a new season, too.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few rug updates in my house this year! At some point we will have the two rugs that my girls and I designed for Dash & Albert (that will be available to buy through retailers this fall!). Plus I already have a new rug on order for my bedroom. :)

If you want to refresh your home this week, I picked out some great rug finds from the Rug Caravan World Market sale you might love. You’ll find them in the scrolling bar, below!

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a RoomRugs to Refresh a Room

  Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Use the arrows above to scroll through the rugs and click for the source.

Click here to check out the fabulous World Market rug sale (plus up to 50% off ALL rugs)!

World Market Sale Ending Tuesday March 6:

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So, which room in your house could use a new rug?