Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy HolidayThis post is in partnership with World Market

Any home can be cozier and more functional in time for the holidays! We make our home work for us, whether it is setting up for a holiday or even just a regular family night.

This time of year I often get an idea in my head about a change I want to make, or a problem I want to solve around the house before guests arrive. Suddenly all the problems seem easier to solve, and completing projects feels more urgent…I think because we are on a deadline to get it all done by Thanksgiving or Christmas :).

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

My husband laughs and rolls his eyes because I say “I have an idea” about a million times a week, not just around the holidays. But this week, my idea for a little change ended up improving our day to day life AND our holiday home.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

I found a neat new cabinet at (there is a crazy 40% off furniture sale with code right now, click for the code, scroll down in this post for my favorite items!) that I am pretty excited about!

It’s going to work as a dining room buffet cabinet (for serving and storage) and a TV console.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
I think I’ve mentioned before that we sometimes set up a little TV in the dining room when we want to watch something together while we eat, or as a place for my kids and niece and nephew to play video games during the holidays.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
I really don’t like to leave the TV set up all the time, but having a cabinet in place gives us a natural place to put the TV when we do. We had previously set up a table in this spot, but it was a few inches deeper than the cabinet.

I love how tidy is! It will be so useful day to day and for entertaining during the holidays, even without the TV.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
The cabinet has storage but is still shallow enough that we can easily squeeze past it (squeeze meaning after a big meal HAHAH!). I also really like that it is actually a  so it has cutouts in the back of the cabinet. You can put electronic gadgets like a game system or cable box in the cabinet and the cords can go out the back!

I feel like my dining room is cozier and more comfortable for our needs now, so it is ready to serve people well.

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday
Are you an idea person?

What home design changes are you trying to complete with the holidays just around the corner? Creating a cozy home for the holidays is just the best feeling!

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Dining Room Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Living Room Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Bedroom Furniture:

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

As we’re just ‘wrapping up’ the last day of October, I thought it was a good day to wrap Christmas gifts and set up the tree. JUST KIDDING! I’m not ready for wrapping. I’m not ready for Christmas at all for that matter. Ha! This is an old photo.

But over the next month or so, many of us will be decorating the mantel or putting up the tree!Like I said, I’m actually not at all ready for any of it, yet. Are you?

For me fall nesting seems to gradually evolve into holiday simplifying and planning before it slowly evolves into holiday decorating. Sometimes I have a tree by Thanksgiving, but sometimes not.

Even though it will be a few weeks before I actually start Christmas decorating this year, I do try to at least start paring down unnecessary stuff and decorative elements.

I don’t like the house to feel too full of stuff right before Christmas, so simplifying spaces ahead of time helps make room for the festivity. It also helps me to think about how I could decorate for Christmas with what I already have! I love a simplified Christmas.

Here are four quick tips to prepare and simplify before Christmas:

1. Keep key statement pieces.

Put away small items. Keep season-less statement pieces like a large vase, a mirror, or an oversized clock.

Now when you’re ready to decorate for Christmas, you can easily add greenery in or around the statement pieces. Your home will still feel festive simply by incorporating a touch of greenery with items you already have.

2. Prepare your seasonal storage.

When you remove your everyday decor before Christmas, where will it go? I have a lidded basket and a dresser in my living room where I stash any extra items I won’t need for awhile, but will want to bring out again after the holidays.

3. Go on a whole-house decluttering and dusting spree.

What’s been sitting out or just gathering dust? What could be put away before the holidays? Run through the whole house and simplify all the things. Pick up the clutter spots and dust the surfaces. You house will feel much cleaner, lighter and more ready for Christmas.

4. Pare down the decorating bins.

If you have too many Christmas decor bins or items you haven’t even looked through in years, it’s a smart time to simplify and pare down! We did this last year! Clear out what you don’t use or love, and then give away or donate the rest. Now your remaining bins will be useful, neat, tidy and ready for you to enjoy a new season of Christmas cheer!

So, when do you start Christmas decorating?

If you are the plan-ahead to wrap-ahead type, you might enjoy our Free Printable Christmas gift round up from last year!

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

A Round up of Doormats

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