“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
-Melody Beattie

As our weekend soirĂ©e comes to a close, I am filled with gratitude for all the lovely people that stopped by! You all made this party very fun because YOU are fun! Now forever more, if I need a hostess gift or an hors d’oeuvre, all I have to do is read through the party comments! You were all so generous with your ideas, I know they will be enjoyed for a long time to come! Thank you!

I will be going through each one of your comments, adding my new BFF to my blogroll, and putting your entries into a hat for the drawings! Give me a couple of days to figure that all out, there was a tremendous number of participants so it might take me a bit of time to get it all put together. I cannot wait to announce the winners hopefully by the middle of the week!


Now, about the Holiday Season ahead…

I’ve been thinking.

Ever since I turned 40 last January, new thoughts of how to refine my life have entered my head pretty much on a daily basis. I know, what is up with that!? Gasp! Is that a mid-life crisis?

When I was a young wife, I used to create huge lists of everything that needed to be done around the holidays! I had the image of the perfect holiday in mind and I was determined to make it happen! And the perfect holiday meant the perfect gifts, the perfect decorations, the perfect cozy home, the perfect menu, and perfectly dressed children smiling on our family Christmas card! I’m exhausted just remembering it all!

And you know what? I could create the image of the perfect holiday because of my hard work, hard earned dollar, organizational feats and keeping myself busy making sure it all happened accordingly! But as wonderful as those holidays seemed, I don’t want to do it that way anymore! Maybe I am old and tired, or maybe I have just finally figured out what truly makes me happy.


While I still firmly believe in the wonder and festivity of the holidays, and I still want all that glitter and cozy holiday stuff, I realize there are more important things to me than all the preparation. Not that I didn’t know that before, it just wasn’t always in the forefront of my mind, especially once the holiday madness kicked in! We used to have to take a vacation right after the holidays because we were exhausted from the expectations both put on us and put on ourselves. We had a love/hate relationship with holidays.

I am entering the phase of life where I confidently declare how I want my life to be and I make it so, even if it isn’t popular. Funny how you become more confident as you get older! And you get to know yourself better. Even though I know all the things I want to do, I really don’t have time to do them. And that is starting to irritate me!

So, what do I do about that? I’ve made a list. Not of what I should do, not what I need to do, not what I must do, or what I have to do, but a list of simple things I WANT TO DO! And I am going to pick up that list at least once a week and DO SOMETHING I want to do! I am sick of lists of what I must do and should do. I loved that sort of thing when I was younger, but now I know those sorts of lists never end! You just keep adding more things that have to happen. I am feeding those lists to the shredder. Be gone, lists of must-dos!

Behold, the new and improved list! A journal!


I have made a list of what I want to do and then given myself permission each week to actually DO them. And if that means a simpler holiday must take place this year, I am all for it. If that means disappointing someone or failing to get something else done, so be it. I’m sporting a ‘tude. A new holiday attitude. I might have lots of holiday things on my list, I’m not going to give up festive activities, but they will only be fun relaxing things, not things I must accomplish.

This list is in my new reality journal. Not a list of dreams which will remain unfulfilled, but a list of things I will actually do because I will set aside time to do them.

I don’t want my holidays to be summed up by my must do list, I want it to be full of experiences, life, love, reflection, meaning and warm cozy feelings that I can create without a 12 page to do list! I might be a dreamer, but this time I am determined to make it a reality.

But wait, there’s more. I’ve also started a gratitude journal in honor of Thanksgiving. I want to remind myself of simple everyday joys.


My two most memorable Thanksgivings were ones in which I did the least amount of preparation, but savored the day and the meaning of the day in simple ways. The food was delicious but SO easy. There were simple decorations on the table, and the ambience came from candlelight flickering a warm glow in the dining room. But the real meaning of the holiday came through without being buried in a sea of holiday preparations. We didn’t notice the dust or the missing 20 holiday dishes we didn’t prepare that year. We just savored the simplicity of being together.

That is going to be my goal for this season, two journals reminding me of simple joys, simple ideas, fun projects, cherished family, happy thoughts and an abundantly full and blessed holiday season. With no must-do lists. I’m on strike from those.

Visit for more ideas on creating the kind of life you really want!

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The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event

The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event



Gather around everyone, the party continues, and we’ve inadvertently saved the best for last!



If you are just walking in the door to this party for the first time, be sure to start back at the beginning of the party with the post entitled A French-Inspired Satellite Party, then move on to Satellite Party Take Two, and then read today’s Grand Finale of our events. It will make much more sense in that order!


Abby and I have been working behind the scenes to figure out how to get this technology working to bring you more shots of our satellite party. Next time we’ll need a technical assistant to pull this off I think. Abby and I are all about the festivities, but the technical stuff, not so much.


Do you know that I even tried to get MUSIC yesterday for our party but after a complete obliteration of my flash player due to my technical difficulties, that is no longer possible. I know just enough about computers to be highly dangerous.



The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


Anyways, let’s keep this party going, grab a truffle or a cookie and a glass of something sparkling and PARTY ON!


Finally our satellite connection is in full gear and we are able to fully drool over the party festivities over in Canton, Ohio at our good friend Abby’s shop . Could you just die? When you are a shop owner you have to start the Christmas season before some of us even get off the ground with our Halloween pumpkins, but I have to tell you, just looking at all these goodies is putting me in the mood for the whole holiday season! Enjoy a look around, shop some more, and mingle with all the fabulous people here! Give Abby a big hug when you see her, she has done a fabulous job with this holiday party!


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event



Phew, I am just feeling BLISSFUL. The food, the drinks, the sparkley lights, the French holiday spirit of it all! I am so glad you all came to celebrate Onerror’s 100th post and The Blissful’s French-Inspired Noel satellite holiday party. Abby and I have had an absolute blast hostessing and putting this all together for you. And of course, Abby gets a standing ovation for her shop decked out in all its holiday glory! I hope you are all inspired to go forth and make your holidays grand! And beginning in January, everyone can shop at online! Three cheers for that!



The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event

You are welcome to leave your comments and “see you laters” on this final party post for extra chances in the grand giveaway, but make sure you have left your hors d’oeuvre and hostess gift ideas on the first post entitled French-Inspired Satellite Party in order to be entered into our giveaway! You can comment on all of the party posts for extra chances, but the most important one is the first one or you won’t be entered at all! You must comment by Monday November 5 to be included.


Happy Holidays everyone and I do hope you will return to Onerror for my next 100 posts! Just wait until you see what inspiring things we have in store next! You will NOT be disappointed, I promise! Amused, maybe. Horrified for me, likely. But disappointed? I hope not.

Au Revoir, Mes Amis!

Thanks for coming! Drive safely!