My Fall House Tour

Hello, friends! As always, I’m so glad you’re here. Not only am I inviting you in to my little house for a fall tour, but today you’ll get to visit FIVE other blogger friends who are on the tour with me! So fun, yes?   You’ll find their links below.

If you’re new to Onerror, I’m Larysa and I’ve been blogging here since 2007! I’m also the author of a whole bunch of books you can find here. I have two more on the way (books, not babies in case that was confusing, my babies are almost all grown now) and I’ve actually been up to my ears in edits the past few week. But even though it’s been a wild few weeks, I LOVE fall most of all so it’s fun to have y’all over!

Today I’ll give you a tour through my main rooms so you can get the feel of our humble white brick house! We live in Seattle. We moved into our house three years ago this month, and we’re still making this place our own. It’s quite a process. So far we’ve painted inside and out, remodeled our kitchen, added two Dutch doors, lots of shutters, blinds, light fixtures, and some flooring and have done quite a bit of work outside, too. You can see our brand new outdoor deck here.

We have two furry pups, Jack and Lily, so you’ll see them running through here and there. They LOVE tour days and having people over.

About eleven years ago I started an annual Fall Nesting series here on the blog. My philosophy has always been to keep everything pretty simple and just enjoy the slow unfolding of the season as I feel inspired.

So while I did unexpectedly find some pumpkin/gourds for my porch while I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday, for the most part I don’t do a lot of “fall decor.” But I am a big fan of just bringing in more cozy textures and looking forward to all the familiar fall nesting rituals!

Alright, enough of me chatting. Come on in and make yourself right at home.  You’ll find links to sources throughout the post and at the end, but feel free to ask questions in the comments. I love it when you say hi and let me know you’re here!

And….I’ll be quiet now so you can get on your way. Enjoy the tours! :)

Kitchen Sources and Details / Kitchen BEFORE Photos and Tour

shiplap arch the inspired room

Shiplap Walls Details

Dining Room Banquette Onerror

 / /  /

/ Dresser: RH Teen


(couch details: deep seat slipcovered with a bench cushion, 80 inches long in the Warm White Denim fabric.

 /  / Stone Fireplace Paint Details





/ / 

 (or ) / on

Window Shades and Shutters Details

White Lamp - Fall Decorating

White Barn lights:  / Benjamin® Union Porcelain Stem Mount Light / White Finish / Flush Mount / Mounting Finish: Same as fixture (white) / No Cage

/ / Botanicals: Ballard Designs–sold out, similar here

 /  /  /  /



 / Countertop Details


Dutch Door Details /

Thank you for stopping by!

Be sure to visit the rest of the Fall tours!

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Also, I hope you’ll follow along with my annual Fall Nesting Series, sign up here for blog updates!


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Cozy Fall Shop

Cozy Fall Shop


All the rooms in your house are beautiful but I particularly love your kitchen and those huge windows with the beautiful views. Wow! Thanks for letting me in to take a look.

So down to earth and lived-in. I love that it is a home that welcomes humans and dogs. You have beautiful “things” but they are obviously being used to live, not for show. Congratulations for making your “new” house a true home.

So lovely, as usual! I really like your understated “coziness” updates for fall! BTW, what did you use for the ship lap walls? After insulating over the original ship lap in our attic, I am lusting for this look! Happy Fall to you…

Love it! Very welcoming and subtle transition.
May I ask what the paint color is in your dining/living space? And also, color/source for the natural fiber rug under your dining table?

I love everything about your home – it’s oh so perfect. That daybed has me like AHHHHHH! Love love love everything – especially your adorable fur babies!!! Thanks again for doing this fun thing with us. ;} HUGS!

Hi, just visiting from Thistlewood, and will be back. Your style is nice and warm…and LOVE the poochie photos. I could go on and on about how much they add to the decor, and they are a nice color to go with it all as well:)

Wow! This house and its loveliness took my breath away. What a lot of work has been accomplished in three years! I’ve been with you a bit longer than that and your progress in so many spheres is dramatic. I am on a personal house odyssey myself, so I know what work and love and joy this represents. Well done, Larysa!

Love your paintings in the kitchen! Original I am sure! Are you near the Sound? Your house looks like the view from my friend’s home north of Seattle. what a deliciously casual home you have! Love!

All the windows in the back of my home face the sound and Olympic mountains. It’s such a blessing to have such a wonderful view throughout the day and sunsets at night. The paintings are original! Thank you for stopping by today and for your kind comment. 💗

I like the natural wood tones with the cutting boards in the kitchen, the wooden lanterns, the leather ottoman. I like how You just add cozy for fall.

I like the deep jewel tones of autumn, so I do add those, and throws and texture.

Love your new white slip covered couch and how beautifully eclectic your home is decorated! I love how your kit+hen’s mood is totally changed to a cozier vibe just by highlighting those gorgeous wood cutting boards and beautiful autum colored rug, and that view from your window! Everything in your home just pops out against all the lovely white! All year long, actually, bit I really love how you cozied things up for Fall. Just stunning, Larysa!

Larysa, I’m really loving this beautiful and refined look that you have created in your home! It’s incredible how you have made your new house, your home over the past few years. It’s so warm and welcoming with just the right amount of details! I love how your rooms flow into one another. I like how you incorporate the things you’ve had for years into your design. I love it all!

So kind of you, Maria! It can be such a process to make a new house a home, but we do feel like we’ve made it our own in enough ways that we do FEEL at home here. And that’s truly the best. Thank you!

Oh my Larysa… loving your Fall Tour. I love that it’s all pulled together with texture and tones. So cozy and beautiful! I’ve been following you and your girls (and pups) for a long time and have really enjoyed the journey to where you are now. You always inspire me!❤️