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Home Decorating Coloring Book {You’re Invited!}

Home Decorating Coloring Book {You're Invited!}

Hey friends, I am SO excited about this! My first copy of Onerror Coloring book arrived at my house last week! I just have to say it is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I cannot wait for you to see it, I think you are going to LOVE it. If you missed the news about my latest project, you can catch up here.

The release date is coming up quickly (July 1, YAY!) so I could use YOUR help.

Home Decorating Coloring Book {You're Invited!}

First of all, you are invited to potentially join my small launch team for this book! I have limited spots, but I’d love for you to apply if this is up your alley.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada and LOVE coloring books (or know you would love this one) and are willing to share the coloring book with your followers online, you can apply to be a part of our private Facebook group and launch team. It would be so great to get to know you! I’ve had such fun getting to know other readers through my launch teams.

>> Find out more details and apply HERE <<

Home Decorating Coloring Book {You're Invited!}

Secondly, even if you aren’t a part of the launch team, I would still be grateful for your help to spread the word about this coloring book. It will be one of the first home decor coloring books of its kind out there so that’s really exciting, but trying to get the word out about it isn’t easy on my own (it definitely will take a village!). I would LOVE it if you’d share the news with your friends and followers?

It’s not too early to share about the coloring book online, use the hashtag #TIRcoloringbook. Thank you so much for your help!

You can pre-order Onerror Coloring Book for under $10 (!!!!!!) today at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and then you’ll be one of the very first people to receive a copy when it releases.

Home Decorating Coloring Book {You're Invited!}

Preorder: Amazon // Barnes and Noble

Simple Joys

Simple Joys

Like the rest of the world, I watched the video of the “Happy Chewbacca” and laughed until tears poured out of my eyes. If you missed it or just want to enjoy it again, I’ve added it below.

Besides how hysterically funny she is, I think her delight in that silly mask struck a chord with so many of us because sometimes our days can feel stressful or we are so busy running around trying to keep up with demands on our time, we don’t often enough slow down to take a deep breath and let ourselves delight in anything!

When we are always so distracted and stressed by too many things, we aren’t likely to look for an opportunity to create, experience or share the simple joys of this moment.

Creating a simple joy can be something as easy as taking a moment to cut spring flowers from the yard (or grab a inexpensive bouquet from the grocery store) and set them in an empty pitcher on the table. It’s such a little thing, but when I have flowers on the table I find myself shutting out the distractions and just lingering on their beauty many times a day. I can’t help but feel more joy in their presence.

A bouquet is a gift you can give yourself that will keep bringing you back to the present to remind you to embrace and enjoy what’s beautiful in your world right now. They perk up the mood and bring delight to even a dreary day.

Simple joys are contagious and multiply, they make you want to share or create more of it around you. They are worth EVERY PENNY!

Simple Joys
What is one thing you could make room for in your home or life, even right this moment, that would inspire you to be present and embrace more joy? How could you share that joy with someone else?