Shingled House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Shingled House Tour Exterior

If I Lived Here Series by Onerror

What do you think of this big rambling family house? I just love the gray shingles and white trim, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s overlooking the water. Such a charming house inside and out! Every once in awhile on Onerror, we just like to dream a little. Sometimes our dreams inspire us to make simple changes to the mood of our own home so we can be content and inspired to love the home we already have. I love the feel of this house!

Shingled House Tour Front Porch

Shingled House Tour Entry

Shingled House Tour Fireplace

Shingled House Tour - BHG


Shingled House Tour BHG

House Tour - White Kitchen

Shingled House Tour Kitchen

House Tour - Staircase

Shingled House Tour Bedroom

Shingled House Tour Bathroom Sinks

Shingled House Tour Garden Room

Gray Shingled House Tour

I could picture myself living here…could you?

See the rest of this house over at .

Happy weekend!


Wouldn’t it be nice to live here! ? This home has so much character and warmth. I could snuggle into that blue striped chair real easy. Beautiful location as well. Thanks for the tour! We just had over three feet of snow dumped on us in the past 5 days so those flowers and shrubs keep my spirits up. :)

Thanks for sharing. This home is lovely…so why the somber expressions from the family (photos 3, 4 and 5)? Even the kiddos look sad :(

I am drooling over every single picture! What a dreamhouse this isl!
The potting room looks very much like the one in the historical Arlington House, the home of Mary Custis and Robert E. Lee.

Yes! And the wood floors encouraged me — I just had floors that color installed in our house and I was beginning to second-guess the color because everyone seems to be going real light or real dark now. :) Thanks for settling my anxiety over it. :)

What a question? Me? In that house? By the water? Duh….YEAH!!!!!

It’s a spectacularly beautiful home….lucky are the lucky ones who get to live there.

Love the smart use of space for those bookcases on the hallway landing. Although space doesn’t seem to be a problem in this dream home!

That is a lot of house!

We love shingles and want to add the to the island home in the upper part someday…

But that will have to wait until late fall for such work.

Beautiful home! We are building a home much smaller than this to retire very near but not on the water! Love the color schemes. Our home will have a grey and white exterior color pallet. Love that potting area!

yes and no. It doesn’t quite fit my less is more philosophy but I can take elements from it and see my own home in this one. Nor does it fit my pocketbook but the element of peace here could be reflected in where we find ourselves right now.

Wow. This is right up my alley. I about fell over when I got to the potting room.
Good grief!!! I need an iced tea to recove from my summer dreams….
The House of Hampton