Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

I love baskets. I use them all over the house, including baskets to organize my pantry and baskets to corral items under my kitchen island. Besides how functional they are, I just love how they look in a room!

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

This is one of my newest baskets and one of my favorites (see it in my fall home tour, here).

I love these spaces and how they use baskets for organization:

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Organizing with Baskets and Containers

Click here to see my full post with tips on how I use baskets and containers to organize my own home!

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Do you use baskets to organize your house?


  1. This post is just in time for our den (“man-cave”) makeover. The walls are gray, painting the brick a darker gray and acid staining the concrete. Definitely will need storage.. I’m loving the lidded baskets to put away my “girly” throws when not in use. Is it “legal” to use a larger lidded basket as a coffee table in front of the sofa?

  2. I vote for a post on “how to live happily with a dog and still maintain a lovely home.” You would never know you had two sweet four legged friends and we are getting a puppy soon. And want to keep our wood floors in great shape, the house clean and not go insane. As insanity would affect the puppy . . . . and probably not the clean or dirty house.

    • Ha! The dogs are crazy, let’s just say what. And you’ll laugh if I do a post about them because we just had a major “incident” related to dogs and our house. :-/ I’m gonna have to share it! We have issues but we definitely do make our house as pet-friendly as we can because we adore our pups, even when they cause us so much trouble! :-) Congrats on the puppy!

  3. Larysa, I love how you’ve used baskets all over your house to organize and contain/hide any clutter! Your pantry is simply beautiful too. I’m curious if you bought the large lidded basket in your bedroom from IKEA? I thing I saw one there like it on a recent shopping trip. I too use baskets, especially on the lakeside porch to contain beach towels, sun visors/hats, and flipflops. I need one for the back door because shoes to seem to pile up once in a while :(. Also, thinking about ways to use baskets to organize our office….hmmm. Thanks for this post…it has “inspired” me!

  4. I love decorating with baskets too. They can be functional and beautiful at the same time. HomeGoods has some of the best basket selections. Thanks for sharing Larysa.

  5. I love baskets. I would be lost without them. Although I need to get better at labeling them as sometimes I lose what’s in the basket!

  6. Larysa you are the one that got me loving baskets. I always have my eye open for nice baskets and love finding new fun ways of using them.

  7. Larysa, I have been perusing your blog for some time now. I absolutely love your design choices. I’m still renovating my house, but keep checking back to your blog for your organizational tips. I have a small house so organization is key. I plan to add baskets to my closets once I get to that part of the process! Thanks for all of the beautiful pictures, too!! You do a fantastic job!