A New Chapter: Our First House

Happy Monday! I’ve been pestering my daughter Kylee (who you’ve seen on Onerror with her cute illustrated recipes and her wedding) to share a little bit about her recent move into the townhouse she bought, and at long last she is finally here today! She will be sharing more about her small space adventures in upcoming posts, but here is her intro, photos of her new house, and some new pics of her puppy Bella!

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A New Chapter: Our First House

It’s been one month since my husband Lance and I moved into our townhouse and we are still on cloud nine! We wake up every morning to ACTUAL sunlight, which is quite thrilling considering we spent the last five years in a basement apartment…

When we first moved into our apartment five years ago, we didn’t imagine staying there long. We had just trekked up to Seattle from Portland to finish school and neither of us had jobs. We just grabbed the best place we could get and assumed we would move as soon as we got settled with work and school. It was small and dark, but affordable so we decided to make it work until we could save up to buy a house. (I’ll be showing photos of my new house throughout the rest of this post!)

A New Chapter: Our First House

Fast forward to 2014. We have both settled into careers that we love and decided that this may be the year for us to start looking at our options for buying. Whether buying or renting, Seattle is certainly not the cheapest place to live. Not even close. We debated the possibility of moving outside of the city where we could find something a lot bigger or nicer for our price range, but ultimately decided on staying in the city. We both work here and enjoy city life so we aren’t quite ready for long commutes from the suburbs. Maybe someday…

A New Chapter: Our First House

The decision to stay in the city meant we had three options: a fixer-upper house, a condo, or a townhouse. We set out with open minds for all three, but concluded that a townhouse would suit our needs best. The Seattle market is insane right now and the first place we made an offer on got 27 other offers and ended up selling for over $100,000 more than asking price. Crazy, right?!

A New Chapter: Our First House

Discouraged, but not defeated, we put in an offer on a small, three-level townhouse. Within a few hours our realtor called and let us know our offer had been accepted!

A New Chapter: Our First House

A New Chapter: Our First House

Now that we have moved in we are slowly unpacking and getting settled. My sister Courtney just moved into our lower level and we are excited about having her there!

A New Chapter: Our First House

Another exciting change in life is that we have welcomed a sweet new puppy, Bella, into our home! You may have seen her on the blog a few weeks ago. I think she loves her new home as much as we do.

A New Chapter: Our First House

A New Chapter: Our First House

We will definitely be sharing some small space ideas with you soon, and even a few house projects now and then. We’ve already gotten started on a few projects that I’m really excited about!


  1. Yvonne Cannon says

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your New Home with us! I look forward to seeing what you do with it and I love your new puppy (Bella) she is beautiful!

  2. KUDOS on the townhouse purchase!
    I bought my first house in 1971 + paid $5,000!
    If I sound ancient, I s’poze I AM!
    Anyway, it’s a 3-way tie for ‘cutest’, between the sisters + the cuddly doggie!
    I loved Portland + know I’d feel the same about Seattle — post more!

  3. Congratulations! This looks like such a fun place to call home!

  4. chris aka monkey says

    congrats on your new home it is a great feeling…looks like you are starting with some good bones.. remember rome wasn’t built in a day have fun xx btw bella is cute

  5. Christine says

    Glad you finally found a place to live that looks really cute and will look even cuter after you are all unpacked. Please post on how to fix up a small place because we just moved into a townhouse, too, on the 7th of June. I’m still unpacking and have to figure out where to put things. Kitchen is way smaller that our last place and for the size of the house we were in, you would not believe how small that kitchen was. But it’s a rental so we could not do any remodeling. We’re renting this townhouse, too, because we had to move and could not find what we really wanted to buy. So any help, tips, etc, on living small is definitely welcomed!

    • Hi Christine! I will definitely share anything I come up with. This place is bigger than our last, but has less closets and storage, so we are just trying to figure out how to make it all work!

  6. Love the new place and the adorable Bella. Best wishes in your first home!

  7. Kerry @ back to our roots says

    I’m looking forward to your posts on small spaces. We are in the middle of renovating our home, and while it’s slightly bigger than our last home, it’s not as new and open, so the spaces feel a lot smaller. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

    • I know the feeling! This place is bigger than our last, but the rooms are smaller and has far less closets/storage space. I’ll definitely post anything tips I come up with!

  8. Carla T. says

    Yes, please, show us your projects on your new home! I just showed my husband your photo of Bella….I’m really wanting to get an Australian Labradoodle….I call them the cutest dogs that God ever made!

  9. Larry Tillman says

    Congratulations on your new house!

  10. Thanks for sharing. It’s a sweet time in your life, enjoy it! Lately I’ve been loving the design ideas at TheLetteredCottage. She’s changing everything from builder-basic to designer fresh. It’s gorgeous.

  11. Oh, and you have a big open kitchen, what a bonus. As long as a kitchen works well, a house can feel plenty spacious. If you want to see small done well, check out assortmentblog! She lives in a 650 square foot cabin, with a family of five! It’s amazing what she does with space.

    • I love seeing how other people arrange their small spaces so I will have to check out her blog! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Congrats on your new space! It looks full of potential and I hope you’ll share what you do with it. Love those floors! And Bella is adorable…is she a Labradoodle? Seattle is an amazing city- I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in the city limits!

  13. Catherine says

    So exciting to be starting out in your first home! Just wondering, what do you do with Bella all day while you are at work?

    • Hi Catherine! We are lucky enough to be able to bring Bella to work us. She gets to be with us all day and play with all the other dogs in our office. It’s been great so far! :)

  14. What color gray is behing th red couch?