Valentine’s Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}


Valentine’s Day Mantel

DIY Heart-Felt Garland

**supplies **

jute twine


needle and thread


cut out felt heart shapes & stitch edge to twine

space about five inches apart

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner} Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}

Valentine's Day Mantel {and DIY Heart-Felt Banner}


  1. Love that your Valentine Mantel is so subtle and soft. The X & O combined with the red books and the felt garland are such a simple way to say Happy Valentines Day.
    Just lovely.
    Have a Wonderful Day,

  2. I could just ditto what Suzanne said above! It is a soft and simple look for the holiday. Beautiful. The X & 0 are perfect! (and I looooooove using books for decoration.)

  3. It’s so funny! Just made something similar yesterday. It looks amazing!

  4. Years ago, I bought an ampersand (Thank you, Wheel of Fortune, for teaching me that word!) on a clearance whim. I just found it in a drawer the other day. Now I have an idea what to do with it! My girls will love your mantle!

  5. Simple and elegant! My kind of project. (:

  6. Sweet little garland…

  7. HI Larysa, love your project and your fireplace mantel. It is so wonderful. I like how you stacked your red books….I have a bunch of those and now I’m heading off somewhere in my house…to stack them! hahaha
    Have a blessed day!

  8. What an adorable Valentine’s Day mantel! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Isn’t it amazing what a simple and sweet garland of love will do to make your heart sing! Love the X & O too!!

  10. simple, lovely

    for the garland–glue! I’m allergic to sewing needles :-)

  11. This looks so fun and pretty! My 6 y.o. and I had so much fun making paper hearts this weekend; I think felt hearts might be a good next project for us. <3 Love your X & O, too!

  12. Larysa, that is too cute! Can’t wait to make one of my own!

  13. very quaint! I Like where you put your oars on the wall too. Look great there! What a find. Living that red and white striped pillow too. a simple find?

    • I love that Kilim pillow, I got it online through a Joss & Main sale, that is closed now but maybe it will be there again sometime! I think you can still see it via this link, but you might have to be a member and log in first.

  14. Cute!!

  15. Cute, cheerful and creative! Many thanks for posting this!

  16. Barbara (WA) says

    Gee whiz, I’ve never thought of using letters that way but the X and O are perfect and adorable with the red books! Inspired.

  17. I may never take this garland down, so sweet.

  18. The DIY felt hearts was so simple and so poetic. I love how you sewed them on the curved side of the hearts. Just a little turn makes a difference between something middle of the road to magical. Also, this is just the craft to make with children. Thanks for posting!

  19. First time visitor here- that is the sweetest garland ever! Following you now on Hellocotton :)

  20. Loved this! And was inspired to pull together some stuff from around the house to make a Valentine mantel of my own! (wish I had time to make the heart garland — so sweet!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Seriously, Larysa. It’s hard to stalk your books without close-ups! ;-) I love to get book ideas from blogs, and you use them very nicely–but I want a close up of your stacks–please! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  22. Of course I love the mantel, but I REALLY love the wood paddles that I see making a sneak appearance in the background!! Would you mind sharing how you got them to hang crossed???

    Thanks again for the beautiful inspiration!

  23. It looks perfect – I love it! And, I love your new blog design, too! :)

  24. Love your new site :)

  25. love the simplicity, the elegance and always loving books as art!!

  26. Love this elegant Valentine’s Day mantel. Such a sophisticated way to celebrate and incorporate a bit of love-day style. In the UK Valentine’s Day is seen as a bit tacky, but I think that’s because the supermarkets are full of plastic trinkets which are not cute.

  27. What great ideas for Valentine’s Day! Could resist posting on our blog:

    Thanks for the inspiration!!