Gather: Goals & Aspirations for 2013

Gather: Goals & Aspirations for 20131. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I‘m working on refining my goals for 2013. I’m not so much thinking about all the specific home project ideas yet (although there are plenty of those running through my mind — I will definitely be sharing a list of those goals soon!), but I’m thinking right now about the way I want to live this year. 

This Gather post features a bit of a ‘visual representation’ of some of the thoughts in my head and how they might ‘come to life’ once I take action! As a visual person, I love collages and inspiration boards! While these types of goals may not appear too lofty, being purposeful about them will definitely will improve the quality of our life at home.  And living an intentional and authentic life matters a lot to me.

A few of my hopes and aspirations for 2013:

::slow down to enjoy more home cooked meals around the table with my family, now that I have my lovely new kitchen I’m kind of excited to use it!
::more puttering, cleaning, tidying and entertaining in my home, now that the distraction of remodeling is almost over, I want to go back to inviting people over and just enjoy the simple daily process of taking care of my home again!
::be more organized and creative with the little details in life (for instance, I have always loved carrying around pretty little notebooks in my purse to write things down so I will remember them later — yes, I have an iPhone but I still love the feel of a real paper notebook!).
::do better with consistent paperwork filing and business organization, so I feel more in control!
::add a new layer of functional and creative details to our home to inspire me and help me to organize our family with greater efficiency, such as strategically placed cute chalk boards and pretty pin boards!

What hopes and aspirations are you gathering for 2013? 

Gather: Goals & Aspirations for 2013

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  1. Great post with great goals and aspirations Larysa. My main goal this year is to complete the decluttering of our bonus room, adding molding to the lower half of our dining room walls, painting the kitchen & breakfast room, do an overhaul on my laundry room and downstairs bathroom, painting and accessorizing the stairway and upstairs landing and that is just the biggies. Lots of things planned this year and looking forward to all of it! Have a great day!

  2. Totally do the same with the notebook! Good job!

  3. Great goals, my goals for 2013 are to take better care of myself and slow down a bit. Grow my blog.

  4. mmm … no goals, no resolutions this year. instead, a simple focus on one word which I think is going to impact every area of life … including how I keep my home.

    the word is REVEAL

  5. Some inspirational goals here.

    I don’t make resolutions, but I do have 2 goals: 1. to sell my 2 older blogs and 2. To relax more and find peace in my life.

  6. Last year we had the entire inside of our house painted. I am still putting everything back in order. Two projects for this year are to organize all my photos and to get back to work on the family tree.
    I agree, I love to write in notebooks and then I save the notebooks. It’s fun to look back on all the lists and projects accomplished.

  7. I think my most pressing goal for 2013 is to get some of my best photos together and organized into a scrapbook to preserve the memories of my life and those of my grandchildren. In the same vein, I need to declutter my files and all paperwork I cling to and make it easy to access information when I need it.

    I will be addressing the spiritual needs as well as my health this year as I need to lose weight and study the Word in a living way that transforms my being. Whew! I may have overwhelmed myself with all these aspirations.

  8. Like you, Larysa, one of the main things I’m hoping to do regularly is to have the entire family sit down at the table and eat together. It is such a small thing, but has such a great impact on the family. We started last week and have been consistent. I have other goals, if I can pull this one off I will consider the year a success.

  9. All of your aspirations are healthy and do-able goals, so I wish you much success in attaining them. Your goal to “slow down” is one that I can certainly adopt, because life goes by too fast and it takes a conscious effort to reel it in.

    My biggest personal goal is one of creativity and productivity. I want to re-work my home so that each nook and cranny has purpose and reflects conscious design decisions. Right now I feel that my home has too much clutter, and is becoming a drop spot for everything. I work as a designer, so i am always improving other peoples’ homes, but mine seems to feel neglected. This sort of organizing and thorough analysis will only help to improve other areas of my life like health and productivity. It sometimes harder to look into your own home and be honest about what is and isn’t working, than looking into other people’s homes….

  10. I’m hoping for more reading, healthier eating, and some deep cleaning and organizing in the house.

    And I love Mrs Meyers basil spray for the cleaning part, it’s been a favorite scent for a long time now!

  11. Inspiring post!! Much like you I prefer paper to write ideas, goals and lists down on. Phones are great but what happens when you lose them! I love the inspiration of the New Year and being organized is always foremost with me as I live in less then 800 square feet in my beach cottage and everything has to be in its place to work. I also have only one tiny closet and no linen closet, no storage and no laundry room. So organizing is key. I love keeping a organized home. It keeps me focused and centered. Last year I stopped eating out and cook only at home. In one year I saved quite a bit. Also if you stop buying coffee out it saves dollars. One goal for me is a ZERO shopping rule for the 2nd year in a row. I am saving for a new car and doing it on my own so saving is essential. I have been organizing my closet and shop only from my own closet. It saves your budget and you can create amazing new looks from what you already have. One you face your closet and drawers you really do not need new clothes.
    My goals for the New Year is spend nothing,save everything, stay organized, give thanks and gratitude to all I love ,enjoy every moment, focus only on me first and learn to say “No” to request for my time and energy, Thank the Lord Fant for such abundant blessings eveyr day. .

  12. I love the new year for reflecting on all we accomplished in the last one and aspiring to new ones this year. My list is a mile long but so exciting!!! Love your posts Larysa <3

  13. What a lovely post! And what a wonderful idea to put pictures of an item that symbolizes that goal or thought. Very creative and fun post!

  14. These are great goals for the new year. Nothing beats more time with the family. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to work and I could be here with my kids after they got home from school. But alas, bills have to be paid. Enjoy the rest of your week!
    xoxo Natalie

  15. Great things to aspire to! I love the goal of MORE puttering! I am definitely a “putterer” and I am sure my partner wishes I would do LESS puttering!

  16. My goals are very much the same as yours and I have found the inspiration from to be a big help in the meal part of it!!