Gather: For the Holidays

Gather: For the HolidaysGather: For the Holidays

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Gather is a regular column at Onerror,
featuring lovely home inspiration gathered by ,
a design intern at Maison Luxe in Seattle.


  1. Loving the little boat ornament, the whole board is inspiring! I just wrote today’s post and it is on Thanksgiving tables from the past. I am trying to get myself inspired to get going!!
    Happy First day of November!!!
    xo Kathysue

  2. This is lovely, Larysa! The sailboat ornament is perfect for our beach cottage!

  3. We decorate for Xmas right after Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner. Looking forward to being inspired by you!

  4. What pretty finds! I just love that plaid throw! :-)

  5. Yes … we all have to get going. Thanks for the kick in the right direction.

  6. I have that wreath and LOVE it!! I had been wanting it (or one similar from WS) for years–I even considered trying to make one–and finally got it this past year as a birthday gift. I love the little tags too. Everything is so charming!

  7. The ceramic gift tag set is great. Would be lovely on packaging in white and ivory and could also be used to label bottles. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love this wreath.

  9. The ceramic tags are so sweet, and the sailboat ornament would be a big hit in my home too. Also love the tablecloths. Such a lovely column!


  10. Love that wreath! We decorate our tree with shells and starfish each Christmas so it definitely caught my eye.