Front Door Makeover

Front Door Makeover

So, it finally happened. YAHOO! I took out some paint and a brush and painted my front door. Oh yes, FINALLY, I did it! It actually only took about an hour for this front door makeover. But HOW LONG did I procrastinate because I couldn’t decide what color and then the weather would turn cold and rainy and another season would go by without my front door painted blah blah blah excuses excuses? SIGH. Um, well, eeeeesh yeah it was a long time.

I’m not done with the door, so I’m just calling this progress rather than the after. I still have another coat, and lots of trim around the door to finish it up and make it look more amazing, but at least I took a first step, right? My husband will not be happy with me for showing pictures of it not done and kind of messy, but that’s how I roll.

In blogland the illusion is sometimes things seem to go from before to awesome afters in the blink of an eye, but at my house it is before to some progress — and it takes a long time. Afters are kinda hard to get to so I just really try to embrace progress.

Front Door Makeover

I’m happy to have taken a STEP! I just REALLY didn’t want to face another winter with my door a little less than cheery and ready for holiday decor so I said to myself, “Self, you can do this one step.” And I did. I painted it WYTHE BLUE by Benjamin Moore!

Let’s take a quick peek at what it has looked like for the past couple of years, shall we?

Front Door Makeover


So, nice door but just needed a little freshening up. It had been sanded a long time ago and that was as far as we got!

How did I finally choose the color? Well, I realized there was a lovely shade of blue in my new rug, which is just inside the front door in our former living room turned gathering space. I love getting a nice flow and connection with colors throughout my house and right now I am using many shades of grays and blues to tie everything together, so it just seemed right to go with a shade of blue! I have lots of maps and artwork with beautiful shades of blue as well so that color just POPS out now that it greets you at the front door too! And then on the outside we have grayish stonework on the front of our house that looks great with shades of blue too, so it all seemed to make sense.

Front Door Makeover

So after a quick look for a good match in my blue paint options, I decided the famed Wythe Blue was already a favorite, so it was a no brainer. You can have any color matched in whatever brand of paint you like. This lovely shade graces my favorite front door ever. so that certainly inspired me! I also came to the conclusion that I wanted a color that I would love in all seasons, and this blue will look pretty with fall, Christmas, spring and summer decor so I am thinking it was a good choice for me!

Let’s see the side by side comparison of the door before, and the door how it is today!

Front Door Makeover

So, there you go.

A little bit fresher, doncha think?


Front Door Makeover

*Updated photo above!*

Need some front door color inspiration? Here is a round up of front door colors!


  1. Luh-huh-huve it! My front door is Wythe Blue too…except mine is painted on the inside! We have a super dark foyer and you wouldn’t believe the difference this pop of color makes!

  2. Nice! What pretty door style. It took me 2 years to paint my front door. And I’m in love with it now.

  3. Beautiful! What a lovely soft shade of blue. It reminds me of the color I painted my studio. And though I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘blue’ person….the color gives my room such a happy feeling. You have so thoughtfully put together your colors and flow from room to room. I can only guess that you are over the moon with pleasure. Can’t wait to see the wreath that graces your door for fall. I’m sure plans are already underway.

    …I had pegged you for a brighter colored door. Haha. Joke’s on me!

  4. Love that blue color! You door looks so fresh and welcoming.

  5. Barbara (WA) says

    Gosh, what a difference! I woulda thought the old door “color” was just fine if polished up but the new color is wonderful and makes the details on the door stand out ~ love it!

  6. Just started following you and I love your door! Any chance you have pics of the rest of the exterior? I would love to see how it ties in with your exterior colors…thanks!!

  7. Kelly - Talk of the House says

    It is gorgeous! It WILL be pretty in any season because fall colors, red at Christmas, and spring colors will look great with it too.
    Yeah! Another project finished off your list. :)

  8. so pretty! i love that soft color!

  9. Jocelyn Pascall says

    I absolutely LOVE it. That color is great and so nice for all seasons! Isn’t it funny how long it can take to get things done? Blows me away sometimes. Nice work though – looks great.

  10. Lovely! and the perfect colour. Love the door style to start with and you are right that it is so much fresher now. I totally understand the in progress part and I’m happy to know that with your lovely home you also don’t always live with perfection.

  11. Jillian {Her Split Ends} says

    LOve it…love it….love it. such a fabulous choice and the door just pops!! Nice choice!

    ~ jillian

  12. This so made me smile…I think we might be design sisters…I just painted the mill house front door robins eggs nest….looks like the same color. =) happy day

  13. It’s beautiful. *Loving* that color! Fresh and bright for the end of summer, but a little icy and wintry, too. Very fun.


  14. Wonderful color! And I’m impressed that it only took you an hour. It takes me forever to paint a door.

  15. I LOVE Wythe Blue… My dining room is Wythe Blue and it’s my favorite room, by far. I walk by it and smile every time. So, I know you will love your front door for a long time! I also don’t have many before and AFTERS, mostly progress. :)

  16. Flower Patch Farmgirl says

    Tres Freshy!

  17. shortstaturedwoman says

    It’s a beautiful colour that you have used. I find it amazing how just painting the front door of your house can transform the whole feel you get when entering. It’s such a simlpe thing. I am really enjoying your blog.

  18. Love your color choice… beautiful!!

  19. Your door looks great!! Love that you’ve made progress…me too! I painted mine a couple weeks ago inspired by your things to do in the fall post. First coat was a deeep, dark red…didn’t look good with my shingles. Next coat is autumn sunset..I think it is too orange-y. Next I am going to try something like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. By the time I find the right color, that door isn’t going to fit into the frame anymore! I’ve procrastinated so long, I too, am happy with progress!

  20. What a lovely shade you’ve chosen there. It’s the small touches that count and I bet it has changed the whole look of the front of your house!

  21. Can I ask some completely stupid DIY questions? How long does the door have to dry before it is rehung? I notice you don’t have a screen. We don’t either. How did you secure your house while you did this project? We have metal security doors that were never painted and I have been wanting to do this, but the logistics just escapes me.

  22. Houzz has an article today called “Front and Center Color: When to paint your front door blue”….. thought of you right away as I had just read this post! My front door is a slate blue-ish gray and I have loved it for about 4 years now. Congrats on finally choosing your hue!

  23. That is gorgeous! The color goes so well with the style of your door. Hold on though…have you shown the area right inside the door? I like the way you’ve hung things on the wall.

  24. So many blogs. So many clever and talented “artists”., However your home is still my favorite. Although it’s very clear that there is a gifted designer at work, in front of and behind your beautiful new door, you continue to blend a only a few trends with authentic life. There’s never any doubt that a “real” family is living life in your beautiful home. Great taste and true to youself = inspiration.

  25. Franki Parde says

    “Ahhdoorable!!” Perfect choice for you!! franki

  26. It’s actually a gorgeous door, I love the style. Yes the colour is fab :)

  27. Love how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make such a difference! Looks great!

  28. You did it!!! And, it does look awesome. Wow, what a difference! I know you must be smiling big.

  29. You and I must be on the same wave length…I just painted my mudroom door! I absolutely LOVE THIS! It look fabulous! After all the procrastination, this was well worth the decision. the end result (or progress) looks so great. Good for you for taking the leap! I find half the battle is finding the courage to go through with it. What a difference!

  30. Oh my goodness, it looks beautiful!!! Love the color!

  31. Wow, Larysa, I LOVE it!

  32. I swear Larysa, you validate me! Your door looks wonderful I just bought a Mini-Chandelier online for a room that does not look chandelier ready……my husband and son think I have gone over the edge…LOL…..I am so excited, we took down the HUGE light/fan fixture and now I have a hole but that hole is like a canvas to me, ideas are rolling and I have so much to think about I can’t get into any trouble….LOL. Thanks for your boost to my decorating morale, your home is beautiful!!

  33. I know this post is about the door color and it’s lovely! But I’m wondering if you purchased the door somewhere that I could go to get one. Exactly. Like. That.!!!

    • Oh, well….I don’t know! It came with our house! But our house is only a few years old so I’m guessing it is available somewhere! Wish I knew where! Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

  34. …loving it…loving it…loving it! blessings laney

  35. Good for you, Larysa!

    I need to paint our doors and our shutters. They are in need of it badly!


  37. Looks fab! Everything you do inspires me. I painted my front door and garage a few years ago a brownish color…now thinking a pop is what I need! It’s a brick front so all ideas are WELCOME! Thanks.

  38. Wow, it really did brighten up the exterior. nice job!

  39. Yay for progress! I am with you on that. Sometimes I can see the vision, make a little progress, step back, vision adjust, more progress, than the AFTERS! :) But the shade is gorgeous! I love that its something different and not the red and black doors we see everywhere else (not that they don’t turn out lovely too) but this is so un common. :)

    Good luck with the rest of the door, can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

  40. Ok… love it! You nailed it!

  41. I recently moved in to a new house and we painted our front door Royalty Purple! I LOVE it!! I literally stand out on my porch and stare at our door because I love it soooo much! Your door is super cute! I love the color!

  42. says

    I love the pop color you transformed,but the color of the wall is just so-so.

  43. Love it!!! I LOVE the color! It’s giving me inspiration to paint my front door that color when we close on our house.

  44. Wendi Vostad says

    I’m just curious where you bought your front door? I love it. Is it wood? If you could let me know, I would soo appreciate it!