Beautiful Farmhouse, Oh How I Love You.

Farmhouse Ideas

Beautiful white farmhouse, oh how I love you.

Your wrap around porch would be perfect to enjoy morning coffee, watching the world go by!

I am in love with your real, authentic, working shutters and gas lanterns.

Be still my heart, your wood front door and welcoming front porch!

So much to adore about you…your cottage kitchen…subway tile, wood counters, open shelves, the lighting, farmhouse sink, red barstools? I’d love to spend the day there baking while my blogging friends sat on the barstools sampling treats, laughing and catching up on life!

Ah, even a creative concealment! I knew I loved your style. That shutter is hiding an electrical panel!

Adore the simplicity of this room, I LOVVVEEEE the red beds!

Sigh! A potting shed! That seals the deal. I do love this house. I do.

Featured in 2009. Dreamy enough to feature again.

All photos at My Home



Ahhh, yes, it is a sweet home. I vaguely remember its being featured previously…something about the concealed electrical panel.

This is a favorite of mine. I’ve swooned over it for some time. If anyone’s interested, here’s the link to the plans on Southern Living…it’s called the Sugarberry Cottage. I even love its name. :)

Oh, what a dream house! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. It takes me back to my days growing up in southern Delaware. They just don’t make them like this any more, do they?

Sigh. I love that house too…can I come bake bread in that lovely kitchen? I have a rather charming potting shed of my own but never thought to put a little rooflet over the bench part. Hmmmm.

We love a good dream house ~ but, at LoveFeast Table we are thinking more along the lines of a vineyard or French chateau ~ you did say dream house didn’t you? We believe in dreaming!!

Today one of ours is coming true too!! Our dream table ~ the newly redesigned LoveFeast Table!!

Next on the LoveFeast list…vineyard. (lol!)(Will probably take us a couple of years with that too!!) Have a great week!
Chris Ann & Kristin

Darling!! So so pretty!

I just went to the perfect farmhouse on Saturday night. SOOO adorable! I’ll have to take pics and send them to you. And this guy farms 1700 acres so it is an authentic and working farmhouse!


Totally off subject, but……look where I found you

Just thought I would share. Oh how I hope you see this. I was soooo excited to see one of your ideas featured in an article that was on the MSN homepage. giddy…

I know this is an old thread, and I do not know if you would even have a means of knowing how to find the answer to my question, but I was wondering if there was any source information for these photos? The reason I ask is I am using the boy bedroom with the red beds as inspiration for our boys’ room and would love to find simple spreads like those pictured. I hate to pester you as I know your time is precious. Thank you so much for your efforts at inspiring us to make our houses into homes.

Kimberly Beaty