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2010 Thank You & Happy New Year!

2010 Thank You & Happy New Year!

A special thank you to my top referrers of 2010:





















Honorable mention #21 Darcy, Life with and my ever patient blog designer! Woot.

I’m not much of a stat watcher, but from now on,  I will be. I’m going to look at my top referrers once a month now. I am humbled. These people are my heroes. I am one of those insane people who not only blogs because I love it (first and foremost!), but I actually depend on my blog as our source of income for necessities in life right now. It is a blessing I am so grateful for and never take for granted. So each one of you who generously and faithfully links to me and sends people my way truly are my heroes and I appreciate your support more than you know!

I am so happy to have each of these women on my top 20 list. They all have fabulous blogs. I hope you’ll visit the ones that might be new to you and send a big hug to the ones you do know, they are all wonderful! Some of these women I have known since my early blogging days and they never cease to amaze. Others are newer friends. But they are all wonderful and inspiring!

And for the 17 of you who beat out Pioneer Woman for top ranking, I bow at your feet of greatness.

But remember, blogging is not about ranking or popularity. So many factors go into blog traffic and both big and small blogs can do great things and make a difference for someone else.

Even if you are not on this list, I appreciate you so much!!

I also want to thank all of my faithful commenters who make me feel like I have something worth talking about each week, I heart you! And to each of you who read faithfully, visit my sponsors and spread good bloggy cheer everywhere you go, thank you for your support!!!

Last but not least, thank you to all of my sponsors this year, and those who are currently sponsoring. I’m honored to work with each of you and look forward to continuing on into 2011!

I’ll be doing a recap of my top 10 projects soon — I’m really excited about 2011!

Happy New Year! I heart you all.

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

We did a major clean out of our craft and wrapping supplies last week at my house. In our old house, we had a craft ROOM. That was fabulous for keeping things contained and organized. In this house, we have one freestanding craft shelving unit. Not nearly as fancy or large as a room, but it is what we’ve got for now (and it is not at all nice enough to take photos of quite yet, ha, it will be awhile!).

We had to seriously pare down what we had — or someone {cough} was going to have a breakdown.

Disclaimer:  this is unfortunately not me or my craft room.

In looking for craft room and wrapping station organization ideas to share with you today, I came across a video on You Tube I thought I’d feature  it was fun to see how this cute blogger named organizes her craft and scrapbook supplies. And of course I love being able to snoop around in other people’s houses, don’t you? I actually got overwhelmed at the thought of so many supplies to organize, but if I had a fabulous room like that, crafting would be a lot more fun!

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

I love this little peg board area for wrapping! So so cute. I love that it is fairly small in size but yet looks so function. Just goes to show you don’t have to have a huge room to pack in function!

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

This drop leaf table from is the perfect small-space solution for a gift wrapping station, isn’t it?

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

I love this easy “use what you have” idea to keep ribbon organized!

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

Check out more craft room organization here!

And now, here is a great round up of LOTS of ideas for craft rooms! You are going to LOVE these!

Craft room & organization inspirational round up!

So, do you have a craft room, a craft closet, a craft shelf or — a craft explosion?

Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies