12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

After seeing a that front door and entry inspiration from our first 31 Days post, I got all giddy again about fall front entry ways. I’ve always been a bit obsessive about the entry to my home. I want my entry to feel warm and welcoming, especially in fall! It really doesn’t take more than a few simple tricks to go from blah to “welcome home.” So, how do you get that warm and welcoming ambience?

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Tip 1: Start with a focal point. It could be a striking table, cabinet or bench. If you have no room for furniture, use a bold and fabulous mirror to grab attention and reflect light around the room. Collections of photos in frames can also be a focal point. If your entry opens right into another room, make the focal point in the adjoining space as welcoming as possible.

Tip 2: Add a lamp or candles to give your entry a warm glow at night. A dark entry is not very welcoming. Wall sconces can be used if you have no surfaces for candles or lamps. Find lighting with a great shape and personality if possible!

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Tip 3: A coat closet is handy, but not as charming as an interesting rack or creative hooks (see yesterday’s post for more super fun and creative ideas!). You could make a creative coat hanger for your wall with just about anything (shutters, an old door, a wood step ladder…and hooks.)

Tip 4: Usable seasonal accessories can set the cozy mood (think wool blankets, cute boots, scarves and mittens!). Hang them from hooks or put them in baskets!

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Tip 5: Layer objects such as books, baskets, old trunks, crates or footstools under open tables and benches to give a cozier feel.

Tip 6: Stack books or use footed plates or pedestals on table tops to bring more warmth and height to accessories — and try my leaning technique for art or mirrors!

Tip 7: Try a basket or tray to corral smaller items on a entry table to give it more presence and texture!

Tip 8:  Whenever possible, go for BIGGER objects or wall hangings rather than several little items. Bigger items make striking statements.

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Tip 9: Use at least one interesting piece that gets people talking! Look around your house and see what conversation piece you could put in your entry.

Tip 10: Have fun with changing accessories — use your entry table or a focal wall to showcase a fun holiday display.

Tip 11: If your entry is a little boring or drab, try a pop of unexpected color on the door, a lamp, throw, shelf or table! Maybe change out your ceiling light for something more striking like the star light (above) or wallpaper even just one wall with a bold patterned paper. Or, paint your ceiling an unexpected color!

Tip 12: If your entry way is cold, try a textured wallpaper like grasscloth or wood walls to warm things up, or add a cozy striped, patterned or textured rug to the floor.

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Autumn Action step:

Go look at your entry right now. What if you don’t have a real entryway? Ok, don’t let that stop you, you have a door, right? Use today’s inspiration to think of a few simple ways to create a little more ambience by your front door or entry. Everyone has enough space for some charming details.

Take a picture of your entry and put it on my so we can see!

12 Tips for A Welcoming Fall Entry {31 Days of Autumn Bliss Day Two}

Tell us about your entry way in the comments! Do you like it, not like it or what would you like to change about it?

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  1. I have a gossip bench in my front entry, and family photo collage above it. What could I put on the bench and/or underneath it to make it look like Autumn?

  2. What if the entryway has no room for anything? (Well, except for the 1970’s ‘Olympic Flame’ style wall lamp. Which is more a crackle globe with an elaborate gold handle sticking out from the bottom and leaning out from the wall). The entryway and hall are 4 feet wide, but the space is needed for ‘passing by’. A rich paint color will help?

    Yes, that Ball O’Light will definitely require being changed out to an eye-catching, need I say tasteful, wall sconce! I am thinking some board and batten on the walls too, in a warm white with the rich wall color.

    • Definitely make your light fixture as amazing as possible! It doesn’t take much in a small space to bring more WOW to the room! Board and batten would be wonderful!

  3. I just randomly came across your blog thru a yahoo search. I am so excited and can’t wait to go through all your posts.

    Congratulations on an awesome blog and thank you for your inspiration!

  4. I wish I had more of an entry. For now, I have a wall. I’ve put in a bench (with an oh-so-decorative jumble of shoes underneath) and a fantastic coat rack. It’s my favorite thing in the house. Hubby and I made it from an old baseball scoreboard. The hooks are placed beneath the inning numbers. I LOVE it.

  5. We just visited a friend’s house last night, and she had the most AMAZING fall wreath on her front door. It really set the tone for the rest of her house, which was drop dead gorgeous!

  6. Good ideas! Our entrence is the only one (no back door) which means it houses shoes, jackets, etc for seven persons. That make it challenging to make it cozy…

    • Make those hooks as fun as possible then! I would suggest mounting your hooks on a decorative board that is BIGGER than the area of the hooks so when you hang the coats, you can see they are hanging on something CUTE! That would make the necessity of hanging coats function as ART.

  7. We have 2 entries – the mudroom you come in from the garage (which we use everyday) and the foyer. I LOVE my mudroom, although it’s a challenge to keep it neat, but the foyer is very large & just seems empty. I have a console table and large mirror there, but still.

  8. I like my outdoor entry, and have a sweet black ladder back chair and foot stool for display. But, my indoor entry is smallish. The door opens in such a way as a piece of furniture is not possible (love the idea of a dresser). And right in front of the door is the landing to the stairs. So there is not wall. It is open directly to the living room too.

    I like the idea of a large mirror or chalkboard on the wall, and I’m looking for a shoe “containment” device. (like boot tray – maybe copper or galvanized). I think my creative focus will have to be on the porch!

    Thanks Larysa!

  9. funny you should blog about this…i am currently trying to figure out what to do with my entry now! it’s a blank canvas…which means empty and cold. lol i have an idea, just not sure if it’s the “right” one…typical. :o)

  10. No real entryway here unfortunately. One just “falls into” the living room. Still I found a tip or two to use. I can get out the autumn throws and figure out a pop of color. Oh must mention how I laughed at the first photo because it is lovely and warm and I really, really like it, but if things looked that way here, I’d be scurrying to pick it up. So now perhaps I can relax and purposefully place some of those things. Oh, I do have my grandmother’s hunting boots on display and my great-great grandmother’s high-topped black boots. Now if I can just make my hubby’s boots look so cute. :D

  11. Hmmmm. Must say, we O need to focus on it more. Great inspiration!

  12. I just love this series… love it! When you walk in my front door, you are BAM! right in my living room. THere is a little sliver of wall that I have a large chalkboard hanging with the Bible verse for the week. I get comments on that. But I was thinking of a flea market bench with a fun fabric redo (by me!) cover underneath it. I don’t know….

  13. Help! Just moved to an expensive rental cookie-cutter house with NO personality. My budget is TINY!

    I don’t know how to upload pictures to comments, so I will try to describe it. Door has small arched window at the TOP, I need a peephole to see out, provides very little light. 1st landing is 5′ wide by 7’deep, and the door opens into the space. Broken dark slate tiles currently covered by a 4’x5′ area rug. 7 wide looming stairs (covered in beige/brown shag carpet) go up, with cheap builder railing on one side. Awkward slanting ceiling parallel with angle of stairs gives varying, yet tall walls–up to 10 feet high! 4’deep landing has a door to a large coat closet that opens up onto the landing, and then enters the living room.
    Builder beige slightly textured walls with minimal white trim.

    The entry way seems like an ODD waste of square footage– however, I have never had an entryway, so I’m not sure how to make it work. Right now I suppose it has good bones, but it’s completely unwelcoming. It’s big, and yet there doesn’t seem to be room for a display table. I want there to be plenty of space to open the door and let people in gracefully. There is a large hanging chandelier, but it is still a very dark space. I have a run-down hall tree with a small mirror, hooks, and a bench, very small “shelf” on top of it that I could set some decor on.
    The stairs are huge and overbearing to the space, both coming in and leaving. I do tend to like symmetry, and I was thinking of putting a pair of urn-like pots or topiaries at each side of the stairs. However, I don’t want them to interfere with safety when using the stairs! And, no live plants will survive in this dark area of the house.

    Has anyone seen or does anyone have an entry like this?!
    Open to ANY suggestions, please help! THANK YOU!

    • Well, without seeing it I am going to be at a disadvantage here but usually when you have architectural things (like walls, wood work, carpet or whatever) that are NOT pretty but have to stay the secret to making them “work” is to distract attention away from them and pull people’s eyes somewhere else.

      Your out of date hall tree might need a fresh fun color with a coat of spray paint. That area, with the small bench and mirror with shelf, sounds like the best place to start. Make that area as cute as you possibly can and maybe it will distract from the stairs. Maybe try a bigger mirror or a collection of mirrors to reflect more light. Definitely get a lamp in plug in wall sconce if you can to bring in more light too!

  14. My front door opens right into our family room so I don’t have an entry way. I have a wreath of fall flowers and fruit on the front door that I made from one of the funeral wreaths of my father-in-law, he was a produce manager, so that is meaningful to me.
    I try to stand at the front door and look into the room to see how the room strikes me. I have arrangement of candles that my grandson picked out for my birthday especially for my coffee table, he did a great job for a 7 year old. It helps to have a fall birthday ;).
    Other accents are gifts from secret pals and containers from Thanksgiving flower arrangements.

  15. My favorite way to make an entry welcoming? Rainboots. :) Have you ever seen a single entry picture with rainboots where you don’t just fall in love with it?! Too funny! Great pics.

  16. I have a wall area at my entry which opens into the living room/dining room combo. I have a large mirror that I love with a small toll painted table that my mom bought me when I was in that stage(25 years ago) that I use to display a vase with red geraniums, a bowl of potpourri and something seasonal(right now it’s a pumpkin that says “Autumn Blessings”. Nothing fancy nor expensive.


  17. We don’t exactly have an entry way as the front door of our apartment opens right into our dining/living space. But it is sectioned off by a little half wall and a different type of flooring. Maybe the photo collage idea would work there.

  18. I hate that dirty salty boot trays are a requirement in my entry way from November to April. Maybe I should put something pretty on the walls so the focus isn’t on the floor.

  19. Barbara (WA) says

    I have a teensy entry way but found a perfect antique hall tree that fits perfectly. I use seasonal hats, baskets and decor on it – right now it holds a straw hat with a pumpkin colored flower, a pumpkin basket and a garden trowel painted with a pumpkin. Next to it is a small bird bath filled with small gourds. I also have a darling scarecrow to add to the mix. I will try to post a photo on your FB page.

  20. We have a tiny foyer in our present home but have found our halltree, purchased ages ago, to be just the right size! It’s easy to swap our seasonal items and I love hearing my husband say, “You always amaze me at what you come up with!” ;) little does he know that I’m a great copycat and your site here is one that is a favorite of mine! Thanks for making me look so smart and talented to this man :)

  21. We have a small enclosed porch just outside the front door. It was a really drab magnolia/ light beige so I painted it a much more uplifting spring green back in the summer, but have still got to add some cute curtains in there (when I get over my fear of taking down the old ones, which are nailed to the ceiling!). Eventually, when I’m done having kids and I no longer need to store a stroller out there, I want to add a white bench and hat rack with baskets and things to warm it up a bit more. Didn’t think I could do much else with the porch till then, but now I’m starting to wonder…

  22. I loathe my entry way! Really I do. I have a covered porch (that really doesn’t get any protection from the elements) that is almost too narrow to make inviting, especially with the bay window that sticks out so you can’t even put a chair or bench. It opens into a mudroom for lack of a better word. It is large but akward shaped and very few blank walls (one houses the door to the garage, another to the sunroom, another to the kitchen, and a bay window on the fourth). Becuase of the lack of closets in the downstairs part of the house we did line the wall behind the door (which has the garage door as well) with hooks for coats and a cubby organizer for shoes. My favorite piece is a church pew from a local church that closed. The room is functional, but that is all I can say. It is the entry to my home, and just doesn’t send the message I want as people walk into my home.

    I have painted it (a nice sage green) and love the window treatments, but that is about it. It is started, but has a long way to go….I want the homey feel, I just am having a hard time getting there.

  23. I love these ideas, our tiny entryway could benefit from some personality. I could totally see something like the star pendant working for us!

  24. Any one want a painting as your #1 focal point, I got the connections ;)

    I do not have an entry way, So I have found my red front door to be my main accessory!

  25. I could use some help too! We rent our house so I don’t want to spend a lot of $$$. The entry way is long and narrow. The right wall has old wallpaper, but has fall colors. The left wall is consumed with a door (coat closet/craft closet) and 2 hinged doors that hide the ac/heater and water heater. I would love a small table but I don’ think there is any room! What to do??

    • There are “half round” tables that work in very small spaces, you might want to look for one of those. If even that wouldn’t work, maybe try a wall shelf or two that could hold some framed art.

      • Oh, and if you don’t have any wall space (I wasn’t sure from your description) maybe you could utilize the doors as a place for art or mirrors? You could use those command hooks that pull right off so they are not permanent.

  26. Has anyone else’s husband ever decided to do things while you weren’t looking, and then you hate it, but you leave it there because you don’t want to hurt his feelings?? Let’s just say wall art is not hubby’s strong point…..

    But since I have left them there for a while, I don’t feel bad moving them. There are things in my entry that I LOATHE.

    I can’t really change the color right now because it’s connected to the stairway, and it would not be a small project. But I can remove the 80’s picture of us, and the barometer. Then I’ll look around for something pretty to put there instead.

    • Fiona, it is time to say goodbye to your husband’s choice of art. Yes it is time! LOL!

      And if he is still hanging on to the 80s photos, tell him it 2010 and it is time to move on. I love that about him, he is frozen in time. lol.

  27. I wish I had a nice entry. My front door opens directly into the living room and on one wall is the entertainment center and on the other is a window. Makes things really difficult.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Makes me want to go out and look for a small table to put beside the entertainment center that I could put some flowers on.


  28. I have a door that leads right into my living room and a small space of wall near it that I will eventually add a coat hanger/mirror. Seen any good ones? I am also planning on getting a larger rug to catch more dirt, and shoes.

  29. Piper Green says

    I love all the inspirations- I love fall! I am anxious to start decorating!

  30. Loved the pictures you posted and all the comments, makes me feel that I’m not alone with the decorating dilemmas! Coming in our front door brings you right smack into a stairway, no entryway at all. However at the first landing on the stairs I have a decoratively painted bench that is alway outfitted for the various holidays. I think when visitors come in and then look up (hopefully) they will see a cheery vignette that welcomes them! Looking forward to more inspiration

  31. Always love the PB pictures. Great ideas! We have a very open entry way, but I try to keep a seasonal touch when you first walk in.

    Love this: Everyone has enough space for some charming details.

    Which means it doesn’t have to be big or elaborate or showy. Great post, Larysa!

  32. #1— 8 year olds do not understand entry ways! I took my middle son outside, walked him back inside, and asked him what the first thing he noticed was. “The mess on the couch?” He asked guiltily.
    #2— I fixed my bookcase by my front door! Yay! It took all of 30 minutes of decluttering and dusting baskets then hanging my key/letter rack-thingy. I will still work on making the shelves more welcoming, but for now, I’m happy! Thanks so much for the tips!

  33. I enjoy your blog and have gained lots of insight here!! My entryway is large, but the walls to actually place a console or shelf are not. One small space you face as you enter has a half circle table with a large black decorative sconce above it with added greenery. I do have one long wall (appx. 4 feet) but it is open to the downstairs staircase…so along the wall is oak stair rails. I think it looks awkward to place furniture in front of it, so right now I just have a moss green soft throw draped over the stairs to “hide” or enclose the space. I would like to add more to the long wall. Should I try furniture in front of the stair rails? Any ideas?

    • Well, I think hanging something over the rail can be helpful to give more of a “backdrop.” Make sure the item you drape over is relatively “heavy” … a lightweight throw will probably look a little wimpy. A rug, a quilt or a heavier blanket is a great idea. Then if you still feel like it needs a little something more, perhaps place a narrow bench in front of it?

  34. I have been looking for a bench for my entry way since I saw one pictured in the P.B. catalog with a collage of pictures above it. I finally got lucky and found one on clearance to put in our entry way but then I got concerned because our entry faces our living room…is it okay to hang family pictures in a entry/living room?

    • Yes! You can hang your family pictures wherever you want in your home! :-) Unless you have one of those fancy, don’t sit down unless you are dressed up in a cocktail dress kinds of houses where that sort of thing would be frowned upon. Even then, it is your house so you can do as you please!

      For my house, I try to make sure any family photos I have in our main living areas are framed as nicely as I can (even inexpensive frames or spray painted frames can look nice and coordinated) and choose fun, candid shots, black and whites or nice studio/outdoor type photos. I save the less than awesome ones like school pictures for a family gallery in our upstairs hall. But that is just my own personal preference!

  35. My front door opens directly into the living room – no space to put pretty coat hangers or welcoming tables. :( I really do need to make it more welcoming…but am at my wit’s end about just how to do it! Any advice would be more than welcome.

  36. I realize this is a really old post, but I’m going to try anyway. The second picture you have with the blue wall and the eye-catching gold….can you tell me what is the dried floral in the wood bowl in the middle of the console table?


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