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If you give a girl some primer…

If you give a girl some primer...

If you give a girl some primer...

If you give a girl some primer...

somebody stop me.

Inspired By: Simple Creativity
{DIY Wallpaper Decals!}

Inspired By: Simple Creativity <br> {DIY Wallpaper Decals!}

Yesterday I talked about how much I love blogland. I really do. But like many of you, I get overwhelmed by the input. I even get confused by all the options. I love when I find a very simple, doable way of adding some personal style and personality to my home.

I simply do not have time to spend hours every day decorating my house. I love my home, I feel best when it looks pretty and welcoming and homey, but I feel terrible if I get so consumed by it that I miss out on what matters most. I don’t want to put off living for someday {ie. when this or that project is done}.

While I might feel personally empowered by my ability to create a lovely home with my own two hands, I feel a sense of real purpose and fulfillment when I spend time with my kids, when I take the time to cook a real meal, when I sit down to help with homework or I spend time talking to my family. Those are the moments that I will treasure forever.

Being authentic and purposeful about living means I have to go at a slower space and chose simplicity over complexity. And simple creativity is what I enjoy sharing here the most. I’m inspired to hold on to the part of me that is creative, but always mindful of what matters more.

What has inspired you this week?

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