Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Be adventurous! A splash of color in unexpected places can make the difference between pretty and WOW in the garden. Colored glass gravel, shocking pink planters, vivid yellow or orange or blue focal points? Why not? Enjoy these pops of color to inspire you to try something new this summer!

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color

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All photos: Martha Stewart
Note: Paint can be toxic to birds so be sure to only paint the outside of birdbaths!


  1. abeachcottage says

    oh the shocking pink planters are wonderful! I have been to the garden centre today and didn’t see anything like those at all

    great inspiration today

  2. Kathleen Grace says

    Wow! Unexpected but interesting. You just don’t see color used that way in the garden, but it sets the wheels turning doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing the bold pops of color. That is what gardens are all about isn’t it?

  3. So many beautiful gardens. I’ve always loved arbors and little details like this in the middle of nature. Just wonderful photos, as usual.

  4. Ann Marie says

    so fun! we always try to through in some bright color in our outdoors spaces.

  5. How fun to think of bolder colors for your outdoor spaces. Love this idea.

  6. breathing in the dreaming world says

    HI Larysa,
    I hope you had a wonderful 4th!
    I think you might enjoy the photo of the pool house I just posted. I have more pictures that I will post tomorrow or the next day.
    Love your “IT’S CREATIVE CONCEALMENT TIME!” series. You rarely see articles on this and it’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Bravo.

  7. please sir says

    WOW – what great color – amazing finds!

  8. Love the blue bird bath!! You’ve had some great ideas for outdoor spaces, Larysa! I’m so far behind with my blog reading but finally spent a few blissful minutes looking through your past posts. As usual, wonderful inspiration!! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas.

  9. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    I love the blue glass gravel. I have never seen it before but wow! Thank you for always creating such wonderful posts.

  10. Neutral Dwelling says

    The blue gravel is really eye catching!

  11. I’m really a beginner at outdoor spaces. I love my backporch b/c I decorate it like it’s an indoor space. I love my rose patterned fabrics but I’m just terrible at designing gardens that entice. I don’t know how I can be so lame at it! And I want so much to have that cottage garden – ugh!

    But the good news is that Neighbor Bob can get just about anything to grow so once I determine where to put something, he puts his magical thumb to it. Unfortunately, he can’t design a romantic garden either – lol! He just knows how to garden. Someday I’m going to just follow one of those cheater outlines in a magazine =) …that’ll probably be written by you! Blessings… Polly

  12. I love color and these are some beautiful photos showing the wonderfulness of it! Thanks for the lovely post today. Come to see me tomorrow – I’m having a tea party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. melissa lewis - off the wall says

    So good to have your inspirations in front of me again. I can’t wait to get my backyard all fixed up. I’m on my husband constantly to get my pergola built. Love the colors in these outdoor photos:)

  14. It makes me sad to see that blue birdbath. When we moved into our house many years ago, there was a birdbath very similar but not painted. It was cracked and wouldn’t hold water and we threw it away. It wasn’t important to us back then. I would love to have it in my yard now. sniff, sniff. :(

  15. this is glamorous says

    Such lovely ideas, especially the glass gravel, which is really quite inspired. Hope you had a fantastic long weekend, Larysa!

  16. Brenda Kula says

    I put a layer of marbles in my plant pots to help keep the moisture in on hot days. And to give color to a plant that does not flower. I love passing by and seeing it “twinkle” in the moonlight!

  17. Larysa,

    Wonderful post! I cannot believe how close your daughter’s wedding is getting! You must be the busiest little butterfly trying to get everything ready! My thoughts are with you, BFF! Enjoy every detail.


  18. Wonders Never Cease says

    Wow! I’ve never seen blue glass gravel before. It’s pretty!
    I love color in the garden.
    I hope the wedding plans are going well!

  19. Larysa in Mel's World says

    You have “officially” inspired me to splash some color in my atrium and in my relaxation room. I have to send you pics from the relax room, we just re-did the wiring out there for the waterfountains and lights…it’s so clean, neat, and tidy…but it could use a little more color. Right now it is very tropical with dark brown, green, and black.

    Hey…if you get a chance come on over to Mel’s World…I have something for ya!

    PS – I might be coming up to St. Louis in August, how far are you from there, maybe we can catch up? ;)

  20. Design for Mankind says

    Oh how beautiful…

  21. So pretty…I especially love the birdbath and the arch!

  22. Oh I can’t wait to have a garden. You have me salivating! A-M xx

  23. I love a spot of color like that in the garden. That birdbath is beautiful! Love it!

  24. Fifi Flowers says

    Love to be out in the garden! Like the bright elements… they add a certain touch!
    Thanks for stopping by my site!
    Come back an visit!

  25. Love this post! I just bought a brilliant blue pot for my garden! In fact I just posted on it and linked over to your blog post….come see!

  26. Hi, I’m stopping by from Mel’s blog today. Congrats on the blog award. This is a great site. The colorful ideas are really neat and I’d love to know if this is your garden. (I’m assuming it is). I am in the throws of raising six children so I always tell people, I’m raising kids, there’s always time for flowers later in life! I wish I could have some time, though. There’s nothing like being outside in a beautiful yard and communing with God.

  27. My Thrifty Victorian Home says

    Beautiful gardens! I can’t wait to work in mine at our new home. BUT first I need to get the inside done!



  28. I saw the recycled glass the other day on hgtv. I think I like it!

  29. Definitely not colours that i think of in the garden, but they are very bright and cheery. I love that arbor/trellis thingie in orange (don’t know what exactly is the proper technical term!).

    I have been meaning to post some garden photos but too darned busy!

    Hope YOU are well, xxo Terri

  30. Hey Larysa, just finally catching up on some reading here! Wow, you are a busy bee. Your daughter is getting married! oh, wow, somehow I missed that. That is awesome and exciting. I bet there aren’t many things left to do, right? hehe. i can’t wait to see photos of the big day. I also caught up on the beach house – how utterly lovely! What a light and airy and delightful space. You will all whip it into shape if you can just get those boys to stop building things. It will look divine, even if you need to stop work as-is and start decorating at some point. It will be a perfect space for the reception!

    Sounds like you have a very full summer! How did it go with hubby’s interviews? i really hope you don’t have to leave Oregon as it is just the perfect spot to live, in my humble opinion!

    Do take care and I wish I were around and I would offer to help. I love doing wedding helper things (as long as it isn’t my own!). unfortunately things are rather blue around here with my Dad so sick, David trying to switch jobs (and hating his current one and being very grouchy generally!), and me trying to keep my boss happy before taking off for my family home for 3 weeks (and then coming back here 4 weeks before going to Paris!). I am trying to plan Paris and London too and feel like I need a few more hours in the day. Darn! I really wanted a nice relaxing summer of painting a few rooms and gardening. Maybe next summer!I

    Love to you and hope your break-neck pace is enjoyable at least! xo Terri

  31. katiedid says

    Love the yellow vine trellis! Fun happy pictures just perked up my day! :)

  32. I love those splashes of color in the garden. Any garden ornament, color or interesting garden art really appeals to me. Thanks for the ideas. I was just about to go out to purchase something to hold up my new pink day lilies that are about the bloom. They are planted on a bit of a hill, and they have gotten very tall and leaning. Now you have inspired me…well of course you are the “inspired room”. Thanks, Karen