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A Situation

A Situation

Hello everyone. I apologize for not having my post ready for your visit, we had an important “situation” in real life. If you have kids, you know there is always some sort of situation! Even if you don’t, life for everyone is often one big “situation” after another!

Anyways, our current situation is my sweet little seven year old son has been mildly affected by a cough that just wouldn’t go away. I talked about it way back here! Well, finally we took him back to the doctor for another check (the first time the doctor said it was a virus) because he had a whistling sound when he was breathing, and lo and behold he now has asthma. This was quite a shock to me, as my kids are very healthy and never have any health issues. The doctor says it is possible this will be his only episode, and it is entirely related to this cough. Only time will tell.

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes for my son to get over this. I am working on a couple of posts for you, including (maybe I will put this one out later today so check back!) an update on our BEACH HOUSE! Many of you have asked about this since I don’t mention it very much. So, stay tuned for a little coastal style update shortly!

Easy organic centerpieces

Easy organic centerpieces

First of all, I want to thank everyone so much for participating in The Scented Home poll we did last week! I have to say you must have some pretty good smelling homes! You guys are so much like me, working around the house with candles going or good smells boiling on the stove! I love it. I really appreciate your comments, it makes it so fun to see everyone’s ideas. We will definitely do more in the future.

Speaking of good smelling homes, my daughter told me that at the last get together at our place with her friends a boy walked in our house and said “I want to baste in the smell of your house.” I had to laugh, I think that was his creative way of saying our house smelled good! Either that, or it smelled like cooking seasonings! I think judging by how many candles we have, he meant it smelled like vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. I love a delicious smelling home!

I am so excited about fall being here, I just want to break out my boots and sweaters! I spent a good chunk of the weekend toning down Christmas and bringing in more fall. I really am going to leave up a few of the Christmas things, but I didn’t want to rush the season. So down to the basement went some Christmas boxes and out came the pinecones!

Continuing on in our discussion of ways to incorporate natural elements to your seasonal decor, here is an idea for an organic centerpiece that is oh so easy. Just take any wreath (this one has sparkles and vines on it, but you could use something plain, or even better would be perhaps a bay leaf wreath) and lay it on your table. Fill the inside of it with fruits and vegetables! How easy is that? Here I used apples, artichokes and key limes. Artichokes make a great contribution to decorating. They are just festive all by themselves.

Easy organic centerpieces

I’m telling you, I am just not interested in slaving away for hours creating holiday centerpieces. I’ve got other stuff to do! You can count on me for the easy, not-so-crafty and inexpensive ideas! Some of you create beautiful mosaics (yes, I’m talking about the super talented ), some of you create lovely things out of garage sale finds (too many of you to list), some of you stitch and sew up beautiful handmade things, some of you are so chic you always do something amazingly fashionable, I just throw some vegetables in a wreath and call it good.

The centerpiece in the first photo is super easy too, just take any clear glass jar and fill it with apples and key limes. You can even set the jar in a wreath like I did. But don’t leave the lid on unless it has vents. Otherwise you might be surprised to find out you are also making applesauce. And that might not be a bad thing! That is totally something Martha would do, great multi-tasking! You could really impress your dinner guests.

Anyways, there you go. Nothing fancy, nothing particularly innovative, but manageable seasonal decor that you can also eat!