Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway
Now that we are finally finishing up all of the outdoor projects we started, we’re feeling so good about how far we’ve come! One of the primary motivations we had for the outdoor projects was simply to increase the comfort and safety of our family and pups.

Design work is inspiring, but if your home isn’t even safe then remedying that situation is truly the priority over making it pretty. Since we’ve lived here, we have installed new concrete, lighting, steps and railings and all sorts of other safety features around our property. We have also added security features to protect our family and make our home feel as safe as we can.

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway
I love incorporating smart technology around our home, too, not only for convenience and streamlining our life but for increasing security.

We have some cool security features that give me so much peace of mind. Today I wanted to show you a couple of the new nifty new cameras we installed and how we use them!

We have the HomeHawk™ by Panasonic KX-HN7000 Series of HD cameras (I’m giving one of these away today, too, so be sure to enter the giveaway in the comments!). The set comes with 1 front door HD camera, 1 peripheral HD camera and 1 wireless access point base to ensure that your home is protected inside and outside. It’s pretty awesome, and I think you’ll enjoy the features as much as we do, so I can’t wait to show you.

Don’t worry, mom, I won’t give away any security secrets. 

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

When my neighbor built her house next door she installed lots of security cameras (so basically if you’re a burglar don’t even try to sneak up to our house, she’ll see you coming and the police will probably arrive by the time you get to my door, haha!). I thought her cameras were so cool.

Now we have our own security cameras around our property, not only to catch burglars, but also just to know what is going on around our home!

When we’re watching a movie and I want to know if Lily is still outside, I can look at my Echo Show in the living room and know instantly what’s up in our yard. I can even tell Jack to be quiet through the two-way speakers on the camera (once I determine there is no burglar and he’s just barking at the neighbor’s dog. :) )

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

If someone knocks at my front door, I don’t have to wonder who it is. I don’t even have to go look (and they don’t have to see me!) to find out. I can know someone is there even if they don’t ring the doorbell, all from the room I’m in!

One of my favorite things is that I can check to see if I have packages by the door right from my cell phone. You can even set the system to give a voice alert that the site is being monitored in case a thief wants to rethink taking your package.

I love that I can observe what’s going on around the front porch even while I’m cooking dinner, all from the Alexa Echo on the counter in our kitchen. It’s so reassuring! My kids can also monitor our house through their devices. I love that they feel secure here, too.

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

Yep, our home is pretty smart these days.

The Panasonic HomeHawk system is great because you can easily install it yourself (even non-DIY people like our family!). It’s fully wireless and uses a long life rechargeable battery.

The system is customizable for your needs and you can add up to 14 additional cameras (16 total!) if you want to expand it around your home. It works with your cell phone and pairs seamlessly with your Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.

You are able to capture everything you’d want to see in full color (day and night) through the wide-angle lens. You can set up so many personal preferences and utilize the features you want through the app. You can even block out any area you don’t want to monitor, too (like if you didn’t want to be alerted to cars on the street beyond your property or if you want to block out large plants that may set off the motion detector.).

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway


Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

You can record the activity from the camera, too, so if you want to look back at what happened earlier you can do that as well. Basically, nobody’s going to be sneaking around your house undetected :). Imagine how handy this would if be if you have teens in the house that you want to keep tabs on. LOL! BUSTED! Just kidding. Kind of. ;)

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

Pricing + discount code:

You can find the HomeHawk™ by Panasonic (KX-HN7002W) at

The set retails for $399

Prices vary depending on package. The KX-HN7002W model includes 1 front door HD camera, 1 peripheral HD camera and 1 wireless access point base to ensure that your home is fully protected.

Enjoy 5% off on the HomeHawk™ security camera system on until the end of August with coupon code 5HHINSPIRED. 

For more information:

Visit ; follow Panasonic HomeHawk™ on  follow Panasonic HomeHawk™ and on .

How would you use a HomeHawk™ system to give your family greater peace of mind? 

Peace of Mind + Home Security + Giveaway

We’re giving away the same HomeHawk™ by Panasonic (KX-HN7002W) to a lucky winner! Leave a comment below to enter, winner will be selected at random and notified next week.

Dream House

Dream House

Even though I am so happy and content with our home, I’m still a dreamer and dream-house lover. You can’t get that house-lover out of me, it’s just part of who I am.

I don’t know if we’ll ever move, but isn’t it fun to dream a little bit? Even if you just come back to reality and go back to building your dreams right where you are, I think it’s fun to get inspired.

The thing is, I can never decide exactly what my ultimate dream house would be like. If I could picture the most perfect house, the ideal setting or exterior, what would that be? How could I even narrow it down to one house? If I was to head out and shop for the perfect home (if money or location wasn’t an issue, of course), what style would I even be looking for? Would I dare to build a house?

I think I’d likely fall in love with an old shingled cottage by the shore (I’m picturing Nantucket). But then again, maybe I’d want a modern farmhouse on a sprawling property? (Remember that time we almost bought an alpaca farm?)

Dream House (my NYT bestseller)

I can never pinpoint what the “perfect” house would be for me, I think it is something you just know when you see it. It’s the feeling of a property, not so much one style that would draw me in. That’s why I think it would be hard for me to build a house, I really am not sure that I could narrow down my options!

I love the house at the top of the post, I think that could be a winner if the back of the house was filled with big windows looking out at a gorgeous view. I’m not too picky haha. ;)

But I can say for sure I’d want lots of natural light, a pretty view and setting, but not too far from a charming town.

Dream House

I’d love to hear what your dream house setting and style would be!

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