Happy House Projects I’m Working On

Happy House Projects I'm Working On

Hi friends! As I mentioned last week, I’m working on quite a few updates around the house, as well as planning some upcoming projects that I’m super excited about!

I think my favorite stage of home design (especially in a home that needed some updating) is this one….when at least some of the major projects are crossed off and the overall mood of the home is more defined. Then I get to have fun with more of the refinements or details in each room.

Happy House Projects I'm Working On
My Summer House – sources in post

We still have some bigger projects to do, of course, (like our mint and pink bathroom!) but this season will feel far more manageable since some projects are already done or at least further along.

As much as I love coming up with a new vision for a home or the specific plans for a room remodel, for example, I guess I just love the process of evolving and refining spaces in smaller ways the most of all.

Lately I’ve going back and forth between being so content with how far the house has come (like I just want to sit and enjoy it all!) and realizing I still have so many more ideas that I’m too excited about the vision to stop! For me as a creative person, I guess that’s a perfectly happy place to be.

Right now I’m working on a few updates and creative furniture shuffles in order to add more character as I make each room feel cozier and more pulled together. These are the projects that make me the happiest!

Happy House Projects I'm Working On
My Summer House – sources in post

Here is a preview of a few happy house projects happening (or soon-to-be happening) around the house:

  • I’ve already made a few simple updates to our living room this summer and I love the feel of the changes so far. I’ll be sharing more soon. For starters, I got a new sisal rug and I’m loving having a neutral rug again.
  • I also got (mine wasn’t actually from Amazon, but it was out of stock where I got it, so I found the link there for you guys!).
  • Remember our fireplace makeover discussion? We are going to move forward with a fireplace update. I think most of you are going to be happy with our decision, so stay tuned :).
  • This summer I am going to be painting a secondhand bookshelf for a built-in effect in our living room. It’s funny how you can shop through your house and discover that you already have what you need, or close enough to it, that you can make it work with very little money to get the look you want. But I love shopping and getting new things, too, so I have my eye on a few new pieces.
  • I recently got for our living room which has been so handy for working from home!
  • I also got this for our front porch.
  • I’ve been working on a few switcheroos in my office, including moving our into it! I know you haven’t seen my office or the leather sofa for awhile on the blog but I promise, they both still exist! Ha! I decided I want a there (the one I linked to is on sale!) to bring in some greenery. Greenery that will never die. :)
  • I just ordered a new cabinet for the living room that I’m super excited about, too, so stay tuned this summer and fall for all of the changes upstairs and down!

If you’re new to Onerror or just catching up, you can take my house tour HERE and you can see our house improvements so far HERE (lots of before and afters!).

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Happy House Projects I'm Working On

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Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

One of the design choices we made during our kitchen remodel was to have a cabinet front dishwasher, which is technically called a panel-ready dishwasher. A panel-ready dishwasher is specifically designed to hold a cabinet front.

I really wanted this option for our kitchen because I knew it would help to streamline the look of our cabinets. I love how it offers symmetry on either side of the farmhouse sink.

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Many cabinet manufacturers will offer a matching dishwasher panel as an option, so be sure to ask about these options when you are selecting appliances and cabinetry if this is a feature you’re interested in!

Ours is KitchenAid, you can read my post about how we chose all of our appliances here.

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

The long bar on our dishwasher is a regular . It was purchased to match our other hardware and added to the panel for us by our contractor. It works great to open the dishwasher and doubles as a towel bar!

You can find all of my kitchen sources here!

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Here are a few inspiration photos from other kitchens with panel-ready dishwashers!

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher
Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

Are you remodeling a kitchen this summer? I think it’s the best time to do it since you can BBQ outside and enjoy the weather, too!

You can find all of my kitchen sources HERE!

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Panel-Ready Dishwasher

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