One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

I’ve got a VERY happy Anthro-inspired deal for you at the end of this post–don’t miss it!

One thing I do every day to be happy is to make sure I incorporate my senses into my home and activities as much as possible throughout the day.

For years I’ve shared my belief that our senses play a key role in how we feel at home. Senses add to our enjoyment of life everyday, they help keep us safe, they impact our memories, they take in information and process it, and help us to be more aware and in tune with the world around us.

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

You might remember posts I’ve written about the senses, including how I found inspiration in Anthropologie stores for how I wanted my home to feel. Part of what impacted me so much was how delicious it smelled! The scent of the candles in their store made me want to linger, relax and stay awhile.

While I no longer use scented candles in my home because of the potential health risks, natural scents actually inspire me more than the synthetic ones ever did! I love scenting my home, so I love that essential oils do more than just make a home smell good, they positively impact health and emotions, too.

Incorporating all of our senses, not just scent, can improve our well-being in so many ways.

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

One of my first blog posts in the summer of 2007 on Onerror talked about the positive impact of senses on our well-being. What sense inspires you the most? I love them all!

  • Some people feel more alive surrounded by color and pattern and sights. They enjoy seeing everything in all its splendor and beauty. Filling a home with visual delights and noticing the way the light casts a shadow or illuminates a painting can send chills up their spine, beauty brings more joy to their day.
  • Some instinctively reach out to touch something with their hands — they want to feel the texture of a fabric or the smoothness of a stone. Incorporating textures can be so important to the comfort you feel in a space.
  • Yet others have a keen sense of smell. Positive memories are often associated with different scents. The smell of lilac from grandma’s garden or the yummy goodness of bread baking in the kitchen can stir up positive emotions of home and safety.
  • To others, music is their heart and soul. They might be soothed by favorite playlists, the sound of a water fountain, the whir of a fan, or even the sound of a soft gentle breeze blowing through curtains.
  • And for the foodies out there, a meal that is full of flavor and quality ingredients, a good red wine, a or a piece of fine chocolate is a source of comfort and delight.

Nothing matters more to our well-being at home than how we feel in it, so incorporating our senses into our every day activities makes such a difference!


One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

If you want to feel your best, I believe it’s SO important to rid your home of toxins.

If you haven’t read my health story, it is what has led me to this journey. I do not believe oils are a cure-all, but I have found them to be a tremendous support to me and my desire for a healthy lifestyle.

So for my fellow scented-home lovers, I have something SO GOOD for you! With our love of Anthropologie in mind, my girls and I created our own special essential oil diffuser blend with Young Living oils.

After many tweaks to original recipe and experimentation to get it exactly right, we’ve developed a what we feel is an inspiring match to the beloved candle that made Anthropologie smell like a dream. We are calling our special diffuser blend ‘Inspired.’

Now our home smells like a dream without any of the synthetic fragrances and toxins that can be found in some candles or room sprays. These oils don’t just smell good, they actually GOOD FOR YOU and your emotional well-being, too! YAY! We’ve been diffusing this heavenly blend all day long and it’s smells so good, you guys!

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

So how can you get a hold of this delicious smelling Inspired gem?

You won’t find our recipe posted anywhere, because we haven’t posted this one and no one else has it. They may think they know, but trust. ‘Inspired’ is a top secret blend–for the time being. :) BUT, because we love you, for the next few days ONLY we’re giving away a sample of our Inspired blend for FREE along with this adorable custom DIY bundle, to anyone who grabs a Young Living essential oil premium starter kit with us by Friday, March 9th.

You definitely NEED this kit, I promise it’s a game changer. My health was nearly destroyed by the toxins in everyday home products! This kit is truly LIFE CHANGING and gets you on the road to a toxic-free home.

Along with the DIY bundle and your new kit of the most amazing essential oils, you’ll also get the coolest diffuser. It flickers like a candle! You’ll love it. Or you can also select any of the other great diffuser options available. This page shares the details of what’s in the bundle and exactly how to get it. So fun!

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

Here’s to a happy March, friends!

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Happy Monday! I saw quite a few sweet comments and questions last week about the curtain hung in a doorway in my entry. So, I thought I might as well answer the questions and do a post for inspiration, too!

I had forgotten that I hadn’t mentioned this curtain before, but I actually hung it over the holidays! The curtain idea was one I had been considering for a long time, but I just wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. When I found that cute gray striped curtain panel with the pompoms at Target, I thought I might as well give it a try!

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

 and two similar pom pom curtains:  and 

 / Lights – (specific details in this post)

The panel is hung from a simple white pressure rod (like ), so it’s super easy to remove if we decide we don’t want it down the road. I just tied the curtain back with a string and cup hook, fancy!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea or work in every house, but I love it and it’s not permanent, so why not?

We’ve considered so many options for that doorway, including walling the opening off entirely (and creating a new bedroom / bathroom entrance), putting in a new door there, or some combination of a building a new bathroom and door area.

All of our master/bathroom ideas are still on the table (and I’ll share new ideas soon). Since we still haven’t decided what or when (or if) we’re going to make a bigger change, the curtain was a simple solution for now.

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

The curtain actually solved a few issues, it was easy to do and the budget was right! It made our hall much cozier and quieter and brought a little personality to the space. The curtain creates the visual entrance to the “master suite” and it offers a bit more privacy when we have guests.

Often I feel like we make decorating and design problem solving far too complicated and overly expensive. Even if there is a “better” or more perfect way to do something, I really love it when a simpler solution is used.

We’ve hung curtains in doorways in some of our old houses, too. I think they really can help to define or separate spaces, make a charming design statement as well as help to cozy up a drafty doorway.

As long as we’re talking about this subject, I thought you might enjoy some other inspiration photos for curtains in doorways.


Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealmentsoriginal source unknown

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

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