Pink Rooms & Blogging

Pink Rooms & Blogging

Greetings, sweet friends! Who doesn’t love a little pink these days? Everyone seems to be into pink! It has always been one of my favorite accent colors, even though I don’t use it a lot. But I do love a pop of pink here and there this time of year. It makes the house feel like spring (come back tomorrow to see my new pink pillows!).

Pink Rooms & Blogging

Thank you so much for the fantastic responses regarding the possibility of a homemaking series. From all of the comments shared (and feel free to keep commenting on that post!), it looks like the series would be helpful and of interest to many of you! I’m happy to hear what you’re interested in; I think it will be fun to start pulling ideas together so I can get some posts going very soon!

I also wanted to thank you for the comments, emails and messages some of you sent me in general recently, just to see how I was doing! I was SO happy to get your notes. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! I was really touched to hear you were thinking of me and took the time to let me know I was missed. Thank you. While haven’t been able to respond to all your messages yet, I am so grateful for your support and the encouragement!

Pink Rooms & Blogging

Some of you mentioned you were missing my regular morning emails! Aww, you guys! You reminded me of how much I miss the old days of blogging. I’ve always felt that blogging was so special because of the close community that formed through it. I still feel that way! Sometimes with the rise of social media, it feels like the internet has gotten so big and spread out. I do think it’s great that so many have built communities on social media platforms now–I go there, too (mainly )!

But honestly, I really do miss the good ol’ days of blogging when everyone gathered around the morning blog posts with their cup of coffee (making the rounds to all of their favorites!). I’m so grateful so many of you still venture over here to visit, or I’d be super lonely here writing notes to myself. :) What a sad day that would be!

So here’s the thing, I’ll keep blogging as long as you’re still letting me know that you’re here. :) How’s that? I don’t know about other bloggers, but I’m not going anywhere. I still love being here with you guys!

Happy Monday!

Pink Rooms & Blogging

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Charming Exteriors

Charming Exteriors

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A well-designed house should make you happy when you see it. James Hardie‘s commitment to artistry and innovation allows for beautiful, timeless designs and uncompromising performance to elevate everyday life.

I’m always drawn to a house with inviting curb appeal. Driving through neighborhoods and looking for homes that have something special about them has long been one of my favorite pastimes! There seems to be a magic combination of elements that will make me stop and stare. It’s really not just one thing or one style of house!

Charming Exteriors

A beautiful setting, gorgeous landscaping or a favorite style of home will all speak to me, of course. But it’s not only fancy houses that make my heart skip a beat! I find that effective use of color, accessories, lighting, siding material and trim detail can contribute to the curb appeal of a home.

Today I’m sharing a few tips and tricks that I believe can take any home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Charming Exteriors

Make a Style Statement

If you’re living in a neighborhood where homes are pretty basic or all look the same, this could be your opportunity to give your home the curb appeal advantage.

New exterior lighting can be an easy place to start. Switch out basic lighting and replace it with a look that is unique, but also highlights your home’s personality. New landscaping can create a more welcoming statement and set your home apart on the street. New address numbers are like statement jewelry–they add a personalized touch.

Charming Exteriors

Mix Up Materials

You can enhance the look of your exterior with unexpected use of siding materials. You can consider highlighting a special feature of your home by using shingles or a rock or brick facade rather than lap siding in that section.

Just like texture is important inside a home, a unique combination of siding materials will add interest to the exterior of your home. Hardie offers a variety of products and design versatility which helps to create a distinct look through a collection of profiles, textures, widths and colors. Mixing profiles can add visual interest and accentuate your homes’ most interesting features.

Charming Exteriors

Play with Creative Color Combinations

Give your home more depth and contrast through the use of color. A darker more dramatic siding color might give your particular house more style than the typical builder beige tone found in the rest of the neighborhood. A lighter neutral color on the siding can pair with a bolder or fresher color accents to make other architectural features stand out. Or use several shades of neutrals for a soft look. Color can highlight your front door or shutters, or use color to minimize features you don’t want to focus on.

If you’re selecting new siding, try utilizing the interactive Home Color Tool on the James Hardie website! It will help take the uncertainty out of your color choices by visualizing them on your home. James Hardie provides hundreds of inspiring color combinations, with a color collection featuring both national colors (16) and regional specialty colors (up to 9). Check out their handy color tool .

Charming Exteriors

Use Trim to Give Your Home Presence

I think one of the main curb appeal tricks that draws me in is the effective use of trim work. Trim around windows can give them more presence and architectural interest. Trim can make even diminutive features appear larger and more dramatic. Thick trim work around a single door or columns can give an element more presence.

Add HardieTrim® boards to add a clean, finishing touch to porches, columns, doors, windows and more!

Charming Exteriors

Why James Hardie?

is America’s #1 Brand of siding, offering a versatile collection of profiles, textures, widths and colors to grace homes with authentic character in the tradition of great American home design. Their products have multiple coats of paint baked on the boards for a brilliant finish and a strong bond that resists chipping, peeling, cracking and fading for years of lasting beauty. James Hardie® siding and trim are uniquely engineered to perform beautifully, despite what nature brings. So, even after years of wet or freezing conditions or blistering sun and hot, humid conditions, your exterior will continue to impress with its warm, inviting look! You can know that your home will maintain the look you love for many years to come.

James Hardie has a beautiful inspiration guide you can download for free to get inspired for exterior projects! Download the guide .

Charming Exteriors

Charming Exteriors

You can also request free siding samples . I requested a few and was so impressed by the quality and color options!

Also, here’s a fun fact…HardiePlank siding is what I used for my kitchen walls and backsplash!

Does your neighborhood have homes with great curb appeal?