Love the House You’re In

Love the House You're In

I actually wrote this post (below) in 2008, but here’s an update! I’ve moved twice since this was written, but I still feel the same about my home today in 2016. I want to love the home I have, even if it isn’t the house of my dreams! Eight years later, I am still sharing this message and enjoying the journey of creating a home. The blog has grown to attract so many kindred spirits, I love sharing here every day. I even wrote a book called Love the Home You Have, which became a New York Times bestseller (released in March 2015) and Onerror (November 2015).

Both books are about stepping away from designer portfolio-sized expectations and looking at your own home with a new perspective. It’s the little things we choose to do right where we are, with what we have, that make any house a home.

Love the House You're In

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Love the House You're In

January 2008

I have been trying to put together my virtual dream house, just for fun (inspired by my friend at . I don’t know if this is just my schizophrenia coming out, my ADD, or plain indecisiveness, but images of my dream house can swing wildly from an English Cottage, to a French Chateau in the countryside to a Farmhouse with big square rooms and wide hallways. Big houses. Small houses. Winter Houses, Summer houses. White painted wood, dark wood. I can’t decide! What do I like best? I could be happy in so many different styles! So many options, so little time and money to try them all out. That is the problem, I like so many styles and ways of life. I can find a piece of my heart in all of them.

Love the House You're In

I am never faced with this sort of dilemma, having to choose one favorite. My dream house isn’t something I have ever created from scratch. In my life, you work with what you have and create your dreams under your own roof. You may not be living your one and only perfect life dream, but you’ve got to make everyday life an adventure! Explore new horizons!

Love the House You're In

My house right now has its own mood — a “cozy” Old World mood. There was no sense in making this house into something is isn’t — no happy-go-lucky relaxed summer look for this place. It has that “old house full of antiques and treasures from traveling the world look.” At least I imagine it does! It is big and rambling with lots of stairways and hallways. It feels kind of like an old European hotel. Fortunately for us we love that mood so we go with it rather than fight it or try to change it. But we should never be limited in our options by the style of house we already have. It really helps to work with it if it has a clearly defined style, but it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes mixing things up a bit makes a style more fun. And more unique and personal! We know our house isn’t exactly the house in our dreams. We just picture that we are in a castle somewhere in England. It probably doesn’t hurt that we have a vivid imagination.

Love the House You're In

What does your dream life look like? The one you would live if you could dial up design-a-life? Answering that question often helps us create the home of our dreams.

Our dream life includes romance, charm, adventure, travel and a sense of living in another time and place. Creating the right ambience is one of the keys to our sense of living our dream under our own roof.

One way we create ambience is with lighting. We love lamps and light fixtures to create the right mood.

That is one of the things we loved at first sight about our house — the antique light fixtures. Lantern style lights hang from the ceilings and many walls have antique sconces. In our house, the light fixtures themselves become a part of the fairytale life we imagine we are living. I know, we’re hopeless romantics!

Love the House You're In

We even choose our lightbulbs carefully. They must give off a warm glow and not be too bright (no use illuminating all our house’s flaws!). Our brightest bulbs are 60 watts and we don’t have too many of those. Most are 20-40 watts, often shaped with candle tips, and many small lamps have just nightlight wattage in them. We have warm yellow or reddish colored lampshades on the lamps to make everything glow like candlelight when the lights are on. All of our overhead fixtures have dimmers and most lamps have three way switches so we can light the house at night with wild abandon if we want to without doing much damage to our energy bill! And of course, we use lots of candles.

Houses can look too dark and dreary in the winter if we don’t pay careful attention to lighting. Especially for those of us living in climates that have lots of cloudy days. Dreary is not the mood we are after under any circumstances! Proper lighting can illuminate dark corners to make the whole room feel inviting. Because we choose warm, low wattage lights and charming lamps, the house has the romantic feel of another time and place. I like a house to glow and beckon you in to every corner. Warm lighting will summon you down long hallways and invite you to explore stairways. Proper lighting can define special places to sit with a cup of tea, to get lost in a book, invite you to a table to eat and encourages you to explore. Lighting welcomes you in and invites you to stay. Our house would take on a whole different feeling if the lighting was different. Lighting is very significant to the ambience of a home no matter what your dream house looks like.

Love the House You're In

Our dream could just as easily include a sun-filled house with Caribbean striped rugs and breezy sheers on open french doors. We’d still use light fixtures at night and in the winter to even out the light and define the spaces, but the style and mood would be entirely different. Life in that house would take on a new exciting chapter, where we would imagine waking up to the fresh air of the sea, dining every day in a sun-filled courtyard overlooking tropical flowers, and always having little paper umbrellas in our drinks.

Our life in a new house would still be adventurous, still romantic — taking us away to another time and place. A different house just brings a new chapter of our story. Dreams take on different hues at different times, reflecting what is all around us. Even if I never truly own my dream home (or never figure out what it would look like!) I am content right where we are now. In an Old English Castle. Yeah.

Stay tuned for future installments of Love the House You’re In and My Dream Home: The Series. Coming soon to Onerror blog.

House drawings are all from, except for the first one which is from Excellent resources for exploring dream styles and floorplans!

Heart-Shaped Thank You

Heart-Shaped Thank You

This week marks my six month blogaversary. Next week is my 41st birthday (shhh!!!!). And it is a new year. Lots of milestones to celebrate and contemplate in my life this month! I am full of inspiration and hope for 2008. Yes, there are reasons to be stressed and uncertain in spite of my optimism. Questions that remain unanswered. Choices to make, hard work and bends in the road yet unknown. But still, my heart is bursting with anticipation to see where life will take me.

Something in me changed when I turned 40 in January of last year — I knew instantly a new and different chapter had begun. It was like my mind and heart opened up to a new level of awareness and sense of purpose around me. I could see more clearly but at the same time, wasn’t sure what I was seeing! I stepped out in confidence not knowing exactly where I was going. I still wonder, but I still move forward. Each new step I take reveals a little bit more of the journey’s twists and turns while the end of the road is still clouded from view.

So, what will this year look like on my blog? I’m planning more inspiration weeks, some collaborations, more inspiring guest features, design inspiration, ideas to encourage you in living your best life and more PARTIES to keep things lively! I’ve got more drive-bys in the works and of course, more sweet escapes to make life fun! Just for laughs, I’ll show you some horrifying “before” photos from inside my fixer upper house and keep you posted on the other crazy stuff that happens around my home! I’m even creating my “virtual dream house” to share with you in the coming weeks (and will give you a tour of our real-life totally remodeled beach house! I can’t wait to see that one myself, after a year long wait!). Lots of ideas floating around, I am SO happy you are all a part of it.

I never imagined what a contribution blogging would make to my life. It is where parts of my heart and mind overflow and become something more visible and tangible. It is a place where I try to inspire, stretch and challenge myself. And through each connection I make with all of you I add new pieces of the puzzle to my life. Blogging isn’t my whole life (although sometimes it threatens to take over!), but as I keep it in proper perspective I feel confident it will take me on new roads, revealing amazing and exciting milestones along the way.

I am so thankful to each of you for inspiring me.

I’m turning off the comments here, as this post is simply a THANK YOU. I of course welcome emails if you would like to share an idea, a thought, a suggestion for the new year or have a question you’d like answered! I am still new to blogging and I can use all of the feedback, advice and input I can get as I plan my new year. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to share with me over the past six months. It means so much.

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