Sweet Escape: The Weekend, At last

Sweet Escape: The Weekend, At last

Have a restful weekend! Love to you all!



: photograph Pieter Estersohn, design Eric Prokesh

Beauty in the Storms of Life

Beauty in the Storms of Life

Hey, my little blogging petunias! Hope you are having a terrific week. I am always so happy knowing you are all out there! Hello! After returning from my Sweet Escape last weekend, I’ve been busy busy busy with design work. I have several design jobs in the works and of course I am loving every minute of them! And, I’m feeling much more balanced now that I have been intentionally disconnecting from the computer at times. Yippeee!!!!!! But, lest you think that life is rosy for me all the time, it is not. Yeah, I know we have a family beach house. And yeah, I know we just splurged on a weekend away without the kids. Sounds good, eh?

All in all things are good, but sometimes in life unexpected challenges come our way to disrupt our routine and happy little existence. Job stresses, financial setbacks, relationships difficulties and illnesses can all put a damper on the fun, no? Right now my husband is making some adjustments in his career and that is really upsetting the apple cart, financially speaking! Yeah. Changes are stressful. We are not immune to these things — no one is. Life can be shining bright one day and dark and cloudy the next. We can’t control those ups and downs, but we can make some choices in how we respond to them. I touched on the subject of finding beauty in spite of life’s difficulties during our Inspiration Week (Beauty in Spite of Pain) and from that ended up writing an article on a similar topic for Christian Women Online this month. I thought I’d share it with you all.

Here is a snippet:

When I was going through a dark period in my own life, I felt that small inner yearning for beauty. Yet, beauty felt distant. All around me I felt darkness, sadness and disappointment. But instead of running to numb my wounds in a destructive way, I grabbed a hold of that small yearning as something God placed in me for a reason. I took a step of faith toward connecting to God through the beauty in life. I headed out to the…

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Please feel free to pop on over to the online magazine to check it out, and while you are there I’m sure you’ll find lots of other inspiring articles to uplift and encourage you

The garden photo was my backyard at my last house. I had a great time designing the paver patio, the arbor and planting the greenery and flowers. I miss that yard terribly!