Personal Style & Bonus drive by

Personal Style & Bonus drive by

Dearest Ones! You all are so fun to take on home tours! Thanks for coming along! I’ll do another one soon since clearly we are kindred spirits. It is so fun to dream and gawk with you. Speaking of dreaming, my friend over at gave me the best birthday present, a special “Drive By” in honor of my special day last week:

Personal Style & Bonus drive by

You all are getting to know me so well, you all can present me with a “drive-by” anytime (Oh, that would be splendid! Just be careful, drive-bys can be harrowing and I don’t want any of you arrested! Leave the risky moves to me!)! Thanks again, Liberty Post! That is one cute house! Such a cheery yellow. I couldn’t help but be happy living in a place like that. I absolutely love it!


Now, a note on the red shoes. You all shared such great and touching ideas for personalizing your home and for displaying the red shoes. Thank you! I enjoyed reading through everyone’s suggestions. So much inspiration! And there is a great lesson to be found here. How we choose to display precious mementos should vary depending on our personal style, the object itself and the room it will be in.

What might seem right in someone else’s space (or on someone else’s blog!) could be entirely awkward or look completely wrong in your own home. Trust me, I’ve tried ideas in my own home over the years that were great, but totally not appropriate for me or my house. Ah, lessons learned! Interpret each wonderful idea or object you find in the world through the lens of your own style and the appropriateness of the item or idea for your own home.

If you do find an idea you really like, sometimes it just needs a little tweaking in order to make it more appropriate for your space. Even something that looks wrong in one room can look completely different when displayed ten feet in another direction or is grouped with something else. Keep adding and subtracting things, mixing things up and trying new possibilities until your eye says you have it right. Have fun with the possibilities for personalizing your space in subtle ways. Make sure things are meaningful and have a story. That is the way to create a home that is truly authentic.

I know Jenn will find a great and appropriate way to use those shoes! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Once she finds a new place for the shoes I’ll let you know!

Happy Day Everyone!

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Invitation to Inspiration Week

Invitation to Inspiration Week

My Valentines,

You are all invited to our next Inspiration Week February 4-8! We are going to focus that week on ways us women (or men!) inspire ourselves through beautiful things in every day living. Yes, I’m a romantic and fancy myself living a beautiful life.

But I am a practical romantic. Life is messy and busy and expensive. I have three kids and a million jobs, I do understand the chaotic life. I understand that kids can drive us mad and husbands leave toilet seats up. Let’s face it, life is not always a bowl of cherries. So what are we romantics to do? Well I for one refuse to wait until Valentine’s Day to feel like I live a romantic and beautiful life. I think we have to create our own little moments of delight every day. Life is messy, but if I seek out glimpses of beauty in the ordinary rituals of life, I find inspiration. Life becomes beautiful! Well, beautiful enough. You just have to know where to look.

If you know what I am talking about and want to join in, or need some inspiration for beautiful living, I hope you’ll pop in starting on February 4th! While our last Inspiration Week was a bit more fast-paced and full of creative energy, this time we are going to mellow a bit and be more reflective. You have to slow down to appreciate beauty every day, otherwise the moment will pass you right by.