Birthday Girl & Upcoming Hooplas

Birthday Girl & Upcoming Hooplas

Thank you, Jenn & Jacqui! You made my birthday the best EVER by giving me my dream house! THANK YOU SO MUCH. And thanks to all of you who have been leaving me sweet birthday wishes, my heart is bursting! Monday the 14th is my real birthday, I’ve just been stretching it out to make the most of it! :-)

Check this out, this is in my REAL DREAM HOUSE FILE! I took this photo near my daughter’s school. I think Jenn & Jacqui are definitely on to something, white houses with big wraparound porches and sweeping front lawns would be SO ROMANTIC! I think I found my dream.

Birthday Girl & Upcoming Hooplas

I was a little peeved at my computer a few minutes ago because my entire post for the day was obliterated, but I’m doing the best I can to keep a smile on my face as I recreate a small portion of it. I basically just wanted to say that I have BIG THINGS planned here on the blog for the upcoming weeks.

Sneak Previews:

◊ This week (not sure yet what day) I will have a post on one of my favorite topics: Inspired Rooms. We are going to talk about this part of my blog tagline “When life inspires your home…”. I’ve got some ideas to share on having an inspired home and I look forward to you sharing your ideas with me. We have a “inspired” decorating dilemma to help solve for one of our blogging friends and I bet YOU will have some great ideas for her.

◊ In Friday’s Sweet Escape I will share one of the things I did for my birthday. You don’t know this yet but I took you all on another DRIVE BY! Yep, I had a great time exploring and generally causing a wild ruckus with my crazy “camera in the bushes techniques” in some of Portland’s finer neighborhoods. And I’ve got some real beauties to share!

◊ Then, coming up towards the end of the month, THIS IS HUGE, girlfriends: stay tuned for another INSPIRATION WEEK. Remember how much fun we had back here? This time, we are going to be soaking in the inspiration for BEAUTIFUL AND ROMANTIC LIVING. In honor of my favorite topics for everyday living AND the most romantic holiday of the year we’ll be getting ourselves in the proper mindset and armed with inspiring ideas and photos. I know we’ve done some of that here already but I’m talking major HOOPLA inspiration. I’m thinking we should have a prize and just do all sorts of best girlfriend stuff. I’ve got friends who are going to help inspire us and I hope you’ll join in with your inspiration too! It should be fun. We’ll find out more as I make it up! (yeah, I do make these things up as I go along!). If I can figure out how to make one of those buttons to announce it I will post it on my sidebar soon.

Alrighty girlfriends, have a great Monday. If you are a new blogger like me and feel a bit blog challenged at times, go visit my friend Felicity at . She is hosting a series of posts to help new bloggers! I love that idea! I’ve learned a few things already so be sure and stop in if you need some help! Give her a hug for me.

Birthday Girl & Upcoming Hooplas
thanks again to Jenn & Jacqui for all their sweet cartoon renditions of me. xoxo

Please forgive me. I’m pathetic.

Please forgive me. I'm pathetic.

I am pathetically behind in acknowledging all of the nice blogging friends who have tagged me, given me awards and featured me on their blogs in the past few weeks! You guys are the best! I love you all. I am so touched each time someone thinks of me, so forgive me for being such a slowpoke in mentioning my gratefulness publically. I’m going to try to catch up here, but if I forget someone, let me know. I am not so good with record keeping either.

My computer is responding frightfully slow today. Does that ever happen to you? Where you try to type and you have to pause every few seconds for the words to catch up? What is up with that? Drives me crazy. I hope my computer doesn’t crash.

First of all, some faithful readers are having events this week so I thought I’d surprise them with a little plug and give you all a chance to meet them and join in the fun:

Janet over at is having a birthday giveaway. How nice is that? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET! The giveaway is a great new book Vintage Vavoom! Come to think of it, that is a great title for those of us over 40! We need to start a new club with that name. It has a nice ring to it. Anyways, be sure to pop on over before Monday January 14th at 11PM to not only enter the contest, but give her a birthday hug. Not sure how that all works with all the timezones, so I’d just go now to be safe.

Penny at is having a name the Pig contest, you really must join. She is one of the most talented mosaic artists I’ve seen, and believe me if she is going to make a mosaic pig, it will be the most beautiful pig you’ve ever seen. Contest ends on Tuesday January 15th so scurry on over!

Oh, and is having her 100th post giveaway so stop in there to congratulate her and get in on the Valentine Giveaway!

If I forgot someone I apologize!

I want to thank some folks who made me feel like a celebrity on their blogs recently:

First, I want to thank Ruth at for featuring me on her blog! I’ll forgive her for the ENORMOUS picture of me on her blog. Now I know what those celebrities feel like on the cover of The Enquirer. Some pictures are just meant to be SMALL. Anyways, she is an incredible artist and I happen to have won one of her gorgeous pendants last month! I am feeling like a queen around her blog. Click on over and let her know what a talented and sweet lady she is for me, OK?

Also I want to thank for putting one of my posts on her favorites of 2007 list! HUMBLED! Completely humbled. Thank you.

, WE MISS YOU JULIE!, honored me by a feature on her blog as well. She’s a gem and I hope her computer issues get resolved soon.

made me The Cool Find of the Week. Yeah, people don’t usually use the world COOL in conjunction with me, so seeing that I was COOL was a happy discovery for me!

The marvelous Jenn & Jacqui from The Bowersbird Nest not only shared a link to my Christmas post in their blog, but they are just so darn nice I want to thank them here for EVERYTHING. They aren’t just nice bloggers, they treat me like a true friend. I am very grateful. Love to you both!

You guys are all AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping me feel so welcome in blogland! It is so great to be a part of the group. There are so many more of you unmentioned, I just can’t tell you how many wonderful people I run across every day. Thank you for your notes, comments, and emails. I’m not worthy!

Thanks to each of you who comment each week, you are THE BEST commenters IN THE WORLD. Such nice people! I am so glad you all visit me, it is great fun to read all of your comments! I read each one and do my best to get to know you all. Fabulous people, all of you!

Now, I also was tagged for some games recently. Becky at tagged me for an 8 things meme. I pathetically did not play. Every party needs a pooper and I dropped the ball. Love you Becky! Tag me anytime, you never know when I might manage to do one. I like being tagged though!

Then a newer friend Kris from tagged me for a game! So sweet of her to tag me, she has a cool blog where she creates color combinations. You’ll just have to go see it to understand. It is like that post I did with the birds and the Fungi awhile back. Pay her a visit!

And another great person Mrs. Branham from (she looks WAY too young to be a Mrs. Anyone, by the way, she is GORGEOUS) tagged me for a Wish Meme. I can tell you all right now I am wishing for a new Apple laptop and a new office all my own. What more do I need? Oh, yeah, OK, I need a vacation. Yeah. Good. Those are my wishes. And I wish I could do better at keeping up with life, so I guess I wish for a personal assistant too. That oughta do it!

I was tagged by and as well. These are also great blogs for you all to check out, please pay them a visit and let them know I sent you. THANK YOU LADIES for tagging me!

Here is my motto from here on out. Go ahead and tag me, I love it! I feel like I belong to the group! If you stop tagging me because I am not good at playing, I will feel like a loser. Just know I am a loser when you tag me and might not play. But tag me anyways! You’ll be my BFF. BFF tag each other.

Oh, and I wanted to mention an award. Kathy from mentioned me in conjunction with her You Make My Day award. She was a little shy about it, but I want her to know I appreciate it SO MUCH! I love all my blogging friends, shy or not! THANK YOU, Kathy!

In fact, ALL LURKERS, please, feel free to DE-LURK! We would have so much more fun with all of you out in the open! No pressure though. Lurking is fine. I’m OK with it. I love comments but I understand not everyone likes to comment. I love all you lurkers too.

Oh, my, then there are all the wonderful prizes I won in December! I won a wonderful AMAZING handmade incredible smelling candle and potpourri from Becky at ! Then I won gorgeous gift tags (another amazing artist) from

Ok, well I am sure I have left off a bunch of my BFF who should’ve been mentioned for a kindness. I apologize. Maybe in the new year I will get more organized about these sorts of things. Maybe. I’ll try.

Love to each of you.