Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

“What inspires me in my day to day life…”

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

I am inspired by simple objects found at the flea markets in France. To hold something delicate that is over a hundred years old and feel it blush at being rediscovered.

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

I am inspired by the gift that life generously pours out to us, even when we don’t notice. I have seen that life does not take no for an answer, and it longs for us to dance to our own music.

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Note from Larysa @ Onerror:

Please leave your well wishes and prayers for Corey’s father…he is very ill.

Beauty In Spite Of Pain

Beauty In Spite Of Pain

Do not wait…be happy if one little thing leads to progress, and reflect on the fact that what results from such a little thing is not, in fact, so very little.

–Marcus Aurelius

Beauty In Spite Of Pain

Hello my little chickadees! We are midway through Inspiration Week: Finding Beauty Every Day and I trust you are all feeling a little inspired? I hope? We have five more women lined up and ready to share what inspires them, but I wanted to stop for a moment and thank you all for visiting! I am so pleased at how many of you come by for Inspiration Week. WOW, I’m thrilled you have come by! I hope you find a little something to think about or encourage you while you are here.

I realize I am sending out posts faster than many of you can read or digest them, but take your time. There is NO RUSH!

This week isn’t about providing the kind of inspiration you can get just by taking a quick look at a few pictures and clicking on to the next blog. This week requires some reflection.

This is a process of refining and redefining how we think about our every day life. It is about slowing down a bit and contemplating our life in spite of the rapid fire posts! This is something I am doing for myself (I give myself pep talks through blogging!) as well as anyone who is interested in joining me, I need the encouragement too!

I do appreciate you encouraging each of my guests as you have a moment, they worked hard to provide inspiration for us all. Each of them are truly incredible and giving women and I am so honored they have participated this week.

On a personal note, I have been getting emails from some of you who admit to being burned out, discouraged, or hurting either physically or emotionally in life. You know you need to make some changes, you WANT to make some changes, but taking that first step towards a new kind of outlook or habit in life is difficult. Many who have written to me feel too busy and overloaded to slow down, some are involved in relational dramas, addictions, some are physically ill or emotionally spent, in a confusing time of life or just feel they are in circumstances that drain their creative energy. You admit it is so hard to see beauty and feel creative when you are hurting or not sure what direction you are going in next! You are looking for answers and for hope in a less than beautiful season of life. I feel for all of you!

Sometimes it appears in blogland that everyone has it together, but I’m here to tell you it ain’t always so! We are all human.

So much of life is a cycle. When you first step out it into a new habit it feels forced or uncomfortable and you might not feel inspired at all. It can feel like a complete waste of time or you might feel worse at first. You might look at something you know to be beautiful and feel nothing but frustration! Or you might wonder what an hour of solitude could really do to change your life? After all, an hour of internet surfing or eating fudge cake sounds more rewarding than being alone with your thoughts! I hear ya. But don’t give up.

While we may not be able to change all of our external circumstances right now, we can discipline our minds to make positive steps and change our inner world in the process. When our inner world is at peace and experiencing beauty in the ordinary, sometimes our outer world will change as well.

You all DESERVE inner peace and days filled with beauty, no matter what crazy things are happening in your external world!

Here comes a {BIG HUG} for each of you! I have confidence that you can find a beautiful life in spite of some ugly and unfair circumstances. This week is about inspiring all of us to new baby steps in the right direction. You don’t have try everything at once. Pick one new action step towards adding beauty to your days and then next week add another. Stay tuned for more glimpses of every day beauty! Thank you for sharing your hearts.

If you have thoughts to share or need some encouragement, feel free to leave comments here too. Chances are, someone else has been right where you are or needs YOUR encouragement to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

TODAY is a great day to START SMELLING THE ROSES, IN SPITE OF THE THORNS! Ok, let’s get back to some inspiration!