Rooms for Girls

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home April 2008

Rooms for Girls

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Rooms for Girls

25 Beautiful Homes July 2005

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home March 2006

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home March 2008

I thought these were such sweet photos! Enjoy!

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Inspiring Idea:
Multi-Purpose Dining Room

Inspiring Idea: <br>Multi-Purpose Dining Room

I‘ve always been intrigued with the idea of making a room functional beyond its obvious intention. For instance, I’ve always loved library/dining rooms. You can use the room to dine and entertain in, but you can also line the walls with library shelves to house books or create a home office. One room, multiple purposes.

Well, here is another clever use of space. I’m sure this is not a cheap table, but check this out!

It is a custom made dining table that opens up to reveal a pool table! You can have a family meal, then take the lid off the table and the space becomes a game room. While the table probably costs a pretty penny, imagine the cost of a whole separate pool table room.

If you are trying to make the most out of a small house, consider ways to double a room’s usefulness! We don’t always need MORE room, we just need to be more clever with the space we have!

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