Sweet Escape: Last Weekend Was Better

Sweet Escape: Last Weekend Was Better

Ok, well this was last Saturday’s picnic in the park and 78 degree sun warming our toesies. Don’t you love our picnic goodness? All the essentials right there, baby.

This Saturday it is supposed to snow. Whatever.

Love to you all…I’m going to dig out my mittens again.

EDITED TO ADD: PS. Yes, notice my last few posts. I’m having some serious issues. Lots of Sweet Escape posts, posts about beds and now junk food. So not glamorous. Such is my life.

Cute Table Idea for Kids’ Party or Baby Shower

Cute Table Idea for Kids' Party or Baby Shower

Speaking of beds, I just saw this cute idea and thought I’d pass it on for you all to see (and save it to my blog for future reference.) This would be so cute for a child’s birthday party, slumber party or a baby shower. Top a table (banquet tables would work great) with patterned sheets or tablecloths and make up to look like a bed with pillow, stuffed animal and a bedtime story! Easy and cute! My kind of idea.

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