Inspiring Idea:
Multi-Purpose Dining Room

Inspiring Idea: <br>Multi-Purpose Dining Room

I‘ve always been intrigued with the idea of making a room functional beyond its obvious intention. For instance, I’ve always loved library/dining rooms. You can use the room to dine and entertain in, but you can also line the walls with library shelves to house books or create a home office. One room, multiple purposes.

Well, here is another clever use of space. I’m sure this is not a cheap table, but check this out!

It is a custom made dining table that opens up to reveal a pool table! You can have a family meal, then take the lid off the table and the space becomes a game room. While the table probably costs a pretty penny, imagine the cost of a whole separate pool table room.

If you are trying to make the most out of a small house, consider ways to double a room’s usefulness! We don’t always need MORE room, we just need to be more clever with the space we have!

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Bright & Beautiful Blogging Tips

Bright & Beautiful Blogging Tips

Rudy Muller via All Things Bright & Beautiful

Happy weekend, friends!

A number of months ago my dear blogging friend Felicity from All Things Bright & Beautiful had the wonderful idea of putting together an ongoing series of blogging tips for new bloggers. She has such a sweet heart and caring spirit for new bloggers, I just knew it would be a success! Her blog is one of the most beautiful out there.

If you haven’t seen her interview and tip posts, you will be so impressed. I learn something new from her all the time. She has posted a very of me this weekend, as well as links to other interviews and tips bloggers have shared about their experiences with blogging. If you have a moment, please go pay her a visit and let her know I sent you!

I’m disabling the comments here so you can just pop over and visit Felicity!

I’ve also added some related links to the bottom of this post for your lazy weekend reading!

Bright & Beautiful Blogging Tips

Tom Leonard via All Things Bright & Beautiful

Bright & Beautiful Blogging Tips

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