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Home Office Photo: Cottage Living

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody’s Doing It.

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

Ok, now you know that I am not a big fan of copying trendy decor. As an illustration, just because everyone might have an owl hanging on their wall doesn’t mean I should too (those of you who were alive in the 70’s will understand this, owls were very in and then very out for 25 years and are now in again in some circles). I guess I like to have my own style rather than one that looks just like my neighbors. I have my owl, you have your owl, we all have our owls. If owls mean something to you, then use owls freely. Don’t let me stop you.

I am a fan of being inspired by others’ creativity, even if I am not a fan of specifically copying trendy decor. I think you can find a solution to a decorating dilemma by observing and interpreting others’ ideas through your own sense of style. There is a wealth of inspiration out there and most of what we do in our homes is not completely original anyway.

Lately we’ve seen a lot of people online using paper to solve decorating needs (see a related article by “Nester” at ). It is a time-tested, generally great idea so I am all for using it. From covering binders, to lining the back of shelves, to covering organizing drawers, paper of all kinds can solve problems! It can cover ugly things simply and inexpensively — that is a huge plus for me. Copy away on this sort of idea because you can make this type of project personal. An owl is always an owl, but paper can be personalized! (ok, are you sick of my owl illustrations yet? By the way, don’t be offended if you like owls. I have one leftover 1979 owl doorstop myself. I like owls.)

Scrapbook paper, maps, comic books, pages from books, fabric scraps, ephemera, kids school papers, kids artwork, drawings, sketches, letters, menus, playbills, wrapping paper, vintage sheet music, food labels, magazines, wallpaper, contact paper — use whatever you like to breath new life into furniture, to cover walls, create personalized artwork, basically to reinvent anything! Paper is relatively inexpensive and the ideas for it are endless.

Here are just a couple of quick photo examples from blogging friends and online magazines of ways to use paper, wallpaper or fabric scraps. Ingenious, inexpensive and practical. A WINNING COMBINATION!

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

Above: Big Flair for the Buck

Backing shelves with scrapbook paper for added punch, via

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

Above: Paper can transform inexpensive or unattractive objects

(In the Trenches interview with drawer idea by )

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

Above: Wine Label wallcovering (also see closeup in top photo)
You could use this idea with postcards, sheet music, menus, whatever means something to you.

Laurie W. Glenn

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

Above: Fabric Framed Artwork (fabric scraps or any kind of paper would work)

Style Tips: Paper. Everybody's Doing It.

You can use wallpaper or parts of wallpaper in fresh ways much more inexpensively than covering entire walls. Cut out patterns to put on walls like stencils or cover shelves or parts of furniture for a customized look. I have done this sort of thing in the past and found it to work really well. It is a bit tedious, but worth the effort.

{images: Living etc. February 2008; photography by Mel Yates; styling by Portland Mitchell}

via This is Glamorous

Go forth and be inspired to use paper in new ways!

Do you have great ideas for using paper to decorate?