Observation: Black & White Toile Bedroom

Observation: Black & White Toile Bedroom

It is observation time! Here are some ideas to jump start the conversation, but feel free to share on anything about the room:

  • How would you describe this style?
  • Describe the personality of people who might live in a room like this?
  • What are the main things you notice when you first look at this photo?
  • What are some subtle features that you notice when you look more closely?
  • Notice things like the shapes, the textures, the colors, the proportions, patterns, etc.
  • What is something you can learn from this style or how the room is put together?
  • What role does the architecture play in this room?
  • If someone wanted to create a room like this, what are some of the significant things they should incorporate?

Enjoy observing, and don’t forget to share with us what you noticed.

“Observation” is a new series of posts where we will all share our observations on the day’s photo. There is no expected, right or wrong comment. Just share what you see, what you notice, what is unique, what you love, what strikes you, or what is something you might have learned about design from this photo.

You don’t have to love the room to observe things about it. We’ll study all kinds of rooms (don’t worry, we’ll do other posts too, not only these!)

This exercise is both to stretch our own creativity and to help ourselves and others see from a new perspective.

Need more help with what to look for? Read the explanation post here. Have fun observing!

Photo: , interior designer Gerald Pomeroy

Sweet Escape: Sunny Days

Sweet Escape: Sunny Days

Sweet Escape: Sunny Days

Sweet Escape: Sunny Days

Nothing like a pop of yellow to sweep the clouds away! I hope you all have a sweet escape planned. We are entering the final week now of wedding frenzy. I am excited to see it all come together. I’m a little sad knowing she is going to be driving off waving goodbye in the end, but hoping to enjoy every last moment making things special. Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away!

Happy sunny day to you all!

More Observation Posts next week, and wedding updates on too!

Oh, and if you visit me on you’ll get to hear lots of stuff you don’t find out on my blog, like the latest RAT episode (right on cue, didn’t I tell you last Thanksgiving that we can’t have holidays or events without a rodent involved?)

Photos: Tortuga Bay Hotel, a string of villas in the Dominican Republic designed by Oscar de la Renta,