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DIY decorating

Welcome to my house tour! This was a new builder house that I transformed little by little into a more custom and charming home. It was a long journey, you can read my story of the long journey to a dream house in a new post here. I now live in a white brick cottage in Seattle, and you can follow along here as we make it our home!

You’ll find plenty of the before shots and progress posts to inspire you with how you can transform any space on a budget! Toward the end of this post, you’ll find links to my seasonal house tours.

I like to describe how I decorate as an eclectic decorating style (the long version would be eclectic, old world, northwest, coastal, farmhouse, cottage style because I am kind of indecisive and like to have options in decorating. Don’t judge). I find it hard to narrow down my choices!

Picture relaxing by a cozy fireplace in a weathered but beautiful and charming beach house on a blustery day — that, my friends, is my probably my ultimate DREAM house!

This blog is all about how to decorate a home — one that is unique to you, and I hope you’ll find lots of inspiration here to find your own style as I share mine! Most importantly, this blog is about how to love the home you have and find contentment right where you are.

Here are some links to rooms in my craftsman house, come on in and browse around!

Entry with Charcoal Gray Front Door - Onerror

Entry updates

Onerror Reading Corner - Entry

Settee and reading corner details here

Leather Sofa - Living Room Textures - Onerror

My Kitchen Makeover Reveal and Kitchen Source List

open shelves for dishes

Kitchen cabinets & makeover

Onerror Kitchen Coffee Station

Coffee Station (and tips for how to make your own coffee station!)

Kitchen barstool with island

Styling cookbooks and dishes together

Cookbooks in the kitchen!

Pretty Pantry Organization with Jars

pantry organization with baskets and chalkboard labels

The pantry makeover

How I Organize My House

Summer Family Room Console Cabinet and Gallery Wall - Onerror

Summer Dining Room - Onerror

Reinvented dining room curtains details  //

Summer Dining Room White Plate Wall and Console Table

How to hang plates on a wall //

Simple Fall Mantel - Onerror Fall Decorating

A Simple Fall Mantel in my 2014 Fall House Tour

Decorating with Pattern and Texture - Onerror

Sunbrella wingback chair details

DIY Map Wallpaper

DIY Idea – decorating a hallway with maps // Lighting Source

Easy Affordable Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom: Weekend Refresh!

Fall House Tour - Kitchen Paneled Wall and Command Center - Onerror

My Fall House Tour

Paper clutter organization board

Paper organization — command central


Master bedroom

bookcases styled in bedroom

Daughter’s bedroom/guest room/library

teen boy bedroom

Son’s Bedroom

Cozy Fall Family Room Sectional Onerror

Media room //

Navy Blue Home Office - Onerror

My office is a work in progress! My Office Updates and Design Plan // Office Organization

We live in the NW, our home is a craftsman style and we live in the Puget Sound area about an hour from Seattle. From my front porch we can see a “peek-a-boo” view of a lake. While I don’t exactly live by the sea, I like to dream!

We’ve lived here for four years now, but in the past year we’ve finally started redesigning our home to better suit our taste and style.

White Laundry Room Makeover Progress - Green Barnlight

Laundry Room with DIY No-Sew Rolled Fabric Shade

Round Mirror Powder Bath

Powder Room Makeover 

But more than focusing on my decorating style and how amazing I might be able to make my home LOOK with lots of time staging or buying lots of stuff in a hurry for show, I like to focus more on my LIFE and let my style evolve as I experience the world around me.

I learned many years ago that I could spend too much time rushing around perfecting how a room looked, and miss out on savoring the process (and precious other things in life.) So I don’t rush. Each season brings something new!

Decorating my home is something I love, but I am always mindful of where my priorities are and the distinction between having a lovely home that works for who we are as a family and a perfect home designed for a magazine cover.

I don’t spend lots of time doing and redoing my rooms, just for the sake of reaching design perfection. For me it has to be a labor of love, not an obsession. That is why I pace myself. I want my home to be truly inspired by our life, and that authenticity tends to come with time, layer by layer.

indoor plants teacup garden

Teacup Gardens

Succulent Gardening

5 Minute Succulent Garden

Onerror Front Porch

Front Porch Outdoor Wingback Details

Light Blue Painted Front Door - Front Porch Decorating

Front door paint details

Onerror Backyard - Secret Garden

My Backyard Tour

Onerror DIY Firepit - Backyard Tour

My backyard firepit project

pallet flower garden

My pallet garden

I’m always on the lookout for doable ideas and easy ways to make a home beautiful to those who live there, I want it to feel beautiful from the inside out. I love having things in my home that have meaning and history so that my home radiates our love of life and all the positive memories we have.

I’m a believer in loving the home you have. 

Neutral Paint colors the inspired room

And you can find all my current paint colors here!

Christmas House Tour - Onerror copy

My 2014 Christmas House Tour Part One and Part Two.

Fall House Tour - Onerror copy

Fall House Tour 2014

Summer House Tour - Onerror copy

Summer House Tour 2014

Kitchen Onerror Christmas House Tour

Christmas 2013 House Tour

Cozy Fall Bedroom - Jack the Goldendoodle and Lily the Australian Labradoodle

Jack – Our Goldendoodle has his  that he updates regularly. You can see more photos of Jack, Lily, and Bella on The Inspired Dog Blog.

It doesn't have to be perfect but this is ridiculous

Speaking of Jack…here are 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing White Slipcovers.

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