I’m too big.

I guess I need to go back to my old ottoman.

I don’t fit very well on this one, but I really tried to like it.

I'm too big.

I'm too big.


  1. I’m sorry Jack but these pics are so darn funny,You need the big one back for sure…:)

  2. I love Jack, he looks like a human with hair all over him!! We have a boxer and he is smart but I think Jack might have him beat!

  3. Jack….you’re so goofy… I adore you! You make me giggle <3

  4. You’re killing me Jack! You are hysterical! You’re just a big puppy underneath all that fur and you’re right, that ottoman is way too small for you. You deserve a king size bed all to yourself.

  5. Oh…poor Jack! You for sure need the bigger ottoman! Where did it go?

  6. so funny….I wanted to post a photo of my Golden squished onto OUR ottoman…I think you pups love being near our feet!!!

  7. That is called being flexible and resourceful! gooooooood dog, Jack!

  8. Next to my own two (soon to be three–what was I THINKING?!), Jack is my favorite dog! So cute and funny and photogenic!

  9. Karen on Bainbridge Island says