I share my bones.

I share my bones.

Sometimes it’s hard to share.

I share my bones.

Especially when it comes to delicious, meaty bones.

I share my bones.

But I’m learning!

I share my bones.

It is much better when we each have our own.

I share my bones.

The thing is, she always wants the one I have…

I share my bones.

So sometimes I’ll switch places with her. I prefer to avoid conflict.


  1. joyce england says

    yes best to avoid conflict, but sometimes don’t you just wish she would go visit someplace and leave your stuff alone for a minute? You should know ,I have an older brother. Just sayin

  2. Paula Gardner says

    Made my day…thanks for sharing your life!

  3. Karen on Bainbridge says

    Learning to share…all part of growing up.

  4. Love it, very precious dogs!

  5. We are looking to add a dog. Already own a black golden doodle ( 5yr old Abby). Did Lucy come from a local breeder? We are in the area! Thanks

  6. I really enjoyed your pictures. I have a mini Goldendoodle named Milo who looks so similar. I recognize many of “the looks”.