I Like Toilet Paper.

I Like Toilet Paper.

One of my favorite cloudy day boredom busters is toilet paper destroying. You just can’t beat the thrill of quietly sneaking it out of the bathroom, carrying it into an unoccupied room and really going to town on it. I try to tear it to shreds as quickly as possible before my mom shows up and takes it away.

I Like Toilet Paper.

Don’t take it mom.

I Like Toilet Paper.

Good times, good times.


  1. Jack, you are such a little devil!! You’re always getting into mischief, but that is what makes you so adorable :).

    • I love the piece of tp stuck to his face. Love this dog! Jack- you are the reason we will be adding a third dog this summer.

  2. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    I’m with you buddy. Nothing like a fresh roll to get those juices flowing.

    Riley the Bulldog
    Bainbridge Island

  3. Kiki Dunigan (Rooney's bf) says

    Oh Jack, you are so good at toilet paper shredding! You should look for new shredding challenges!

  4. Our sweet bad boy, Cooper, loves to get himself into a little trouble now and then, too. His favorite is to throw a toy into the area of the curtains then “accidentally” chew on the curtains. He also has recently decided he likes chewing on the edge of area rugs. We love him but will be happy when he gets out of the puppy stage. He is a year and a half old. Sweet doodles…

  5. OMG, my cockapoo Orelia does the exact same thing. She loves it. Something about toilet paper and kleenex just pushes her over the edge. I have to leave the bathroom door closed at all times or else.