I can do tricks.

So my family thinks it’s cute to have me perform like some sort of circus animal. I mean, I know I’m good at it and I do thoroughly enjoy the praise, but mostly I’m only in it for the delicious treats I receive.

Here’s a little video for ya of some of my best tricks. Notice how many times my sister pesters me to play dead after I’ve ALREADY done all of the other ones? I mean COME ON, how many tricks does a guy have to do to get one┬ámeasly┬átreat? Playing dead is definitely the most humiliating of them all. Why my family takes pleasure in pretending to kill me I will never understand… I do give in though, but only because I clearly wasn’t getting any treats until I did.

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  1. We try to make our dogs dance like monkeys too! It’s super fun :)

  2. Good dog, Jack!

  3. I just have to comment on dear Jack – he makes me laugh. I love your design blog as it encourages me and inspires me but the dog blog – just makes me laugh. We have our own standard golden doodle, which we got in Redmond, but live in N.Arizona. Yogi is as big as a great dane and snuggly as a teddy bear. Jack’s comments on life and family are just what I think Yogi would be saying. So funny. Thanks for taking the time to be intentional about life Larysa – it brings the Kingdom a little closer with every action and thought.