Guess what?

Guess what?

Hello. It’s me. Jack.

My mom likes her house to be pretty and welcoming, but she doesn’t obsess over it.


I mean, look at this room!

Does this look like a magazine cover? Nope. It’s just a normal day around our house.

She likes our family to be able to live in our house and not fear for their life if anything gets messy. Except when I barf on her pillows, then she gets a little scary. But thank goodness she’s easy going most of the time, because that means I get the prime spot, right here in the front window.

She doesn’t like it when I bark at the kids walking by because that hurts her ears, but she doesn’t freak out that I want to be comfy just like the rest of the people. I’m part of the family.

And if you look around, you’ll see that everything is not perfectly tidy. There are boxes and stuff around because we live, work and play here. I like our house.

And I’m glad my mom has a blog where we can share adventures from our life and home. I like blogging.

And you know what?

Our blog is up for an award for  I think my part of the blog is the “inspiration” part. At least I think it is. Sometimes I give my design tips, too, so I think that counts as design.


I’m kind of a big deal on the internet, I guess.

If you want to vote for us, you can do that here by after you log in to prove you are a dog or a human and not a robot (it’s easy and only takes a minute). Dogs can vote too, I think. Actually, I just wish they could. Maybe ask your person to vote, if you are a dog, just to be safe and follow the rules. I like to follow the rules. Except the “don’t eat the starfish rules.” I don’t like that rule.

{Voting is now closed, thanks again for the votes that got us in the top 12 Home Design Blogs!}

Thank you,



  1. i can’t get enough of Jack–he always has something funny and adorable to say. Plus, who couldn’t fall for his handsome face? Very photogenic even when passed out on the couch. Reminds me of my big handsome boy at home, Gunney. (P.S. i’m totally in love with his mom’s blog too! it rocks–i’ll definitely be putting my vote in).

  2. Oh Jack, OF COURSE I will vote for your mom’s blog! Maybe if I do she will ask me to puppy sit for you?? That would make me so very happy :)

  3. Oh Jack, you ARE an inspiration! Voted for your mom…..I mean you.

  4. Jack….I voted for your mom and you! Jack, you bring a smile to my face each time I see you. Love your mom’s blog!

  5. I LOVE Jack! I bookmarked his page and I’m always waiting for a post. Keep posting. It makes my day!

  6. Angelika Rauth says

    I wish I had come across Jack’s blog sooner! It is so funny and brings a smile to my face! Love all the pictures.. The one on the beach you are truly SMILING! :) Very photogenic. Like Tammy I think I’ll be bookmarking this gem!

  7. We love Jack and his adventures. Please keep the stories coming. His pictures are always so cute!!!