Gather: For A Fresh & Clean Pup

Gather: For A Fresh & Clean Pup

Let’s face it. Dogs get messy and I am no exception. Typically I’m not very high maintenance…I’d be perfectly okay with smelling like the dog that I am. My family makes me go get my hair done every month and likes me to smell like flowers and stuff. My sister found all sorts of products that pampered pets might like…even though I don’t personally feel the need to own things like blackberry vanilla magic deodorizing spray. However, I don’t think I’d be mad about having a massaging brush around the house…

PS: My sister does Gather posts for my mom’s blog over here if you want to see more things she has gathered!

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  1. How do you keep Jack’s hair from matting? I have an 11-month old Goldendoodle and had to get her cut short to get rid of the matting. Any tips would be appreciated. Love your blog!

  2. My sister actually has that hot pink bottle for our border collie, Mochi. It works really well! His fur is always looking clean and bright, is soft, and he doesn’t smell. For being an outdoor/garage dog that is really amazing!