Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!


Did you hear the GREAT news? I’m PureWow’s Pup of the Year! I can’t believe I won! Of all the wonderful pups to choose from, it was ME! You chose ME! You are all the best friends on Facebook a pup ever had!

I’m so happy about being Pup of the Year.

Thank you for voting for me. Thank you for liking my pictures and my adventures.

But guess what?

I have a little secret. Shhhh.

I really like being Pup of the Year, but I don’t want to wear a crown.

Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!

See the crumbs on my lips? BRIBERY.

They can bribe me to wear a crown if they want to. It is cute. I think I even look handsome in it.

And I like cookies.

Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!


I don’t want to smile while I wear a crown, not even for cookies. That is too much to ask.


Because, how can a pup smile, eat a cookie AND wear a crown? ALL at the same time? I don’t know.

Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!

Bah. I can’t see.

Thank you for making me Pup of the Year!

Thanks again.

I hope to be the best Pup of the Year ever. I will make you so proud of me.


  1. joanne h says

    congrats Jack you the man I mean dog…..well deserved

  2. I love you Jack. You are so cute and you make me smile. You warm my heart. Thank you. You’re already doing a wonderful job of being pup of the year, with or without the crown. You deserve it. Just be careful not to eat too many cookies…I know that face can get you lots of them. :)

  3. I wish you lived at our house Jack *sigh*

  4. You already are the best Pup of the Year Jack! I think you look quite handsome in your crown, but I can tell you’re not too happy about it. No worries, I’m sure you won’t have to wear it too often. Once the paparazzi dies down, you can go back to normal, every day life and be your usual goofy self!

  5. joyce england says

    u looked great in the crown.What kind of cookies are we talkin about

  6. You wear your crown well, Jack!

  7. Jack you are so sweet…BUT you really are so handsome with your crown on,I can’t stop smiling…..:)