Picture this. My sisters come into the house carrying a bag of groceries. I leap into the air and grab the grocery bag with my lips/teeth. The bag rips. It falls. The groceries spill out.


Commotion everywhere. I’m being restrained. I say to myself, “Jackpot. I got the attention I wanted”.



  1. Jack you are so smart…:) Jackpot…get it…..:)

  2. Barbara (WA) says

    Jackpot – LOL!!!

  3. Oh Jack, you’re too darn cute!!

  4. Not only does Jack look just like our Cooper, but he acts like him, too:)
    Love him!

  5. Jack, dude, that is pure genius. I wish I had come up with the idea! Somehow, though, Rooneypot doesn’t make sense. Whenever I want to get attention, I steal my best friend’s firewood. That makes her come running! Ahahahaha!